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The Regulator's Dilemma: Financial Innovation Within a Regulatory Paradigm

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is a rapidly expanding technology that has been hailed as a game-changer by COOs and CIOs in industries from financial services to media to energy production. Find out how exactly does RPA impact customer experience, efficiency, and the role they play in speed to market.


Beyond Remote Working

The article covers five steps to increase the effectiveness of new ways of working in the Middle East.

Digital Outcomes


The Battle at Computing’s Edge

Compared with cloud computing, competing at the edge requires a more complex set of skills and capabilities. So today’s winners may not be tomorrow’s.

Reduce Carbon and Costs with the Power of AI

Artificial intelligence has the potential to reduce companies’ greenhouse gas emissions and cut costs by monitoring their carbon footprint and then reducing it through increased efficiency.

Bionic Company

The Bionic Company

Once a futuristic vision, the bionic company is here. Leading companies in multiple industries are combining the strengths of humans and technology to create superhuman—bionic—capabilities.

Technology & Data

Service Delayed Is Service Denied - rectangle

Service Delayed Is Service Denied

In an increasingly digital world, companies, especially service businesses, that transform themselves to compete in real time can gain an advantage over rivals.

The Green Tech Opportunity in Hydrogen

Hydrogen is on the verge of becoming instrumental in the fight against climate change—and providing a $200 billion revenue opportunity for machinery makers.

Unleashing the Data Economy - collection of publications

Unleashing the Data Economy

Advanced capabilities, emerging technologies, and new organizational models are required—but the value upside is tremendous.

Digital Talent and Organization

The Payoff for Upskilling Women in STEM

The Payoff for Upskilling Women in STEM

Companies can create the workforce they need—and increase the number of women in STEM leadership roles—by offering women more opportunities to build their skills.

Executive-Perspectives-Hero gradient interrupter

BCG Executive Perspectives

BCG Executive Perspectives offer insights on global topics that matter most to leaders in the public and private sectors. Our latest edition examines the rapidly expanding cybersecurity threat and how CEOs should prepare their organizations accordingly.

Industry Insights

Unlocking the Value of AI-Powered Government

AI can help governments deliver smarter policies, enhance services, and operate more efficiently. To make implementation succeed, policymakers need to learn from the leaders.

Can Industrial Companies Fix Their AI Engines?

In recent years, the industry has dabbled in artificial intelligence applications, with disappointing results. But as companies look to the postpandemic future, AI’s time has arrived.

Bringing Bionic Finance to Life

Fully integrating human and digital capabilities in the finance function entails a journey best done in three stages: ignite, professionalize, and scale and sustain.

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The Digital Transformation Roadmap to Competitive Advantage


The Digital Transformation Roadmap to Competitive Advantage

How Should We Rethink Work?

How Should We Rethink Work?

Global Economics and Digitization

Global Economics and Digitization


Why You Should Treat the Tech You Use at Work Like a Colleague


Lessons from a Silicon Valley Maverick: New Ways of Working and Collaborating

Sukand Ramachandran on Helping Machines Help Humans

Sukand Ramachandran on Helping Machines Help Humans

Mastering the Art of Personalization

Mastering the Art of Personalization


The Next Manufacturing Revolution Is Here

Debbie Lovich on How Leaders Can Boost Their Ability To Adopt New Ways Of Working

Debbie Lovich on How Leaders Can Boost Their Ability To Adopt New Ways Of Working


What Are You Willing to Give Up to Change the Way We Work?

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