Mission Talent - Mass Uniqueness a Global Challenge for One Billion Workers

The challenge of the growing skills mismatch or skills gap when employees are not able to live up to  their potential or their skills fail to fully meet the demands of the market, already affects 1.3 billion people today. Every year, this costs the world economy a 6 per cent hidden tax in lost labor productivity.

In this international study that comprised experts from 30 countries and over 160 companies from 47 countries, the authors consider the underlying causes of the issue and offer ways out of the situation based on the principles of human centricity and mass uniqueness.

The following principles lie at the core of this concept: development of a fundamental skillset, creation of an environment that enables lifelong employability, self-sustainability in choosing a career path, competence mobility, transparency and inclusiveness of the labor market and respect for employees‘ values.

According to the study, necessary action taken in line with said principles will not only help harmonize the talent development system and labor market, but also ensure a 0.5-2% GDP growth.

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