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The Evolving State of Digital Transformation

The Evolving State of Digital Transformation

A recent survey reveals that businesses are accelerating their investment in digital technologies, despite the economic downturn, targeting digitally enabled goals to support their recovery.

Technology & Data

Data Dominates - rectangle

Data Dominates

With powerful algorithms becoming table stakes, finding and gathering the right data to feed those engines will be the key to a company’s success.


The Rise of the AI-Powered Company in the Postcrisis World

Shifts in global supply chains, changing consumption patterns, and the increasing prevalence of remote ways of working—trends that were underway long before the COVID-19 crisis—will accelerate. AI can help companies thrive in this new environment.

Digital, Technology, and Data in Southeast Asia

The Rise of Digital Banking in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia presents a remarkable opportunity for digital banking over the coming years. Yet despite this landscape of opportunity, profitability remains a major challenge for digital banks.

What’s Next for Your Wallet? The Future of Payments in Southeast Asia

LinkedIn Is cash still king, or is it going to have to learn to share the throne? Markets across Southeast Asia are at different stages in this journey toward payment evolution, but it’s clear that whichever route individual markets take, a cashless society is not a near-term reality for all countries. Future payment options such as mobile or e-wallets will provide an exciting new medium for consumers, but one that is likely to sit alongside cash transactions as part of a hybrid model.


Southeast Asia: Coming of the Digital Challenger Banks

Despite emerging as a global phenomenon, there are relatively few Digital Challenger Banks in Southeast Asia (SEA) today. That is poised to change as new players move to acquire digital banking licenses in Singapore. Alongside this vibrant SEA landscape, traditional incumbent banks have also been stepping up their innovation and digital initiatives.

Digital Talent and Organization


COVID-19 and the New Leadership Agenda

As the business impact of the COVID-19 crisis mounts, leaders in every industry are moving urgently to protect employees and build resilience. Governments are mobilizing to safeguard citizens and manage the economic fallout. Immediate action is critical, but leaders must also embrace a new agenda—one aimed squarely at what comes next.

Beyond Great BCG Book

Beyond Great

How to build sustainable business advantage in a world where great is no longer good enough.

Industry Insights

The Sun Is Setting on Traditional Banking

The Sun Is Setting on Traditional Banking

The pandemic has accelerated the inevitable; the AI revolution is overtaking banking as we knew it. Banks that don’t transform stand to lose market share to faster, nimbler tech players.

Expert Videos

Global Economics and Digitization

Global Economics and Digitization

Global Economics and Digitization


Why You Should Treat the Tech You Use at Work Like a Colleague


Lessons from a Silicon Valley Maverick: New Ways of Working and Collaborating

Sukand Ramachandran on Helping Machines Help Humans

Sukand Ramachandran on Helping Machines Help Humans

Mastering the Art of Personalization

Mastering the Art of Personalization


The Next Manufacturing Revolution Is Here

Debbie Lovich on How Leaders Can Boost Their Ability To Adopt New Ways Of Working

Debbie Lovich on How Leaders Can Boost Their Ability To Adopt New Ways Of Working


What Are You Willing to Give Up to Change the Way We Work?

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