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New Drug Modalities Offer Promise and Peril

Gene therapy, stem cells, and other advances are changing the way complex diseases are treated. To capitalize, biopharma and biotech companies need to make strategic decisions about where to focus their efforts.

Gene Editing Gets Ready for the Spotlight | Rectangle

Gene Editing Gets Ready for the Spotlight

Pharma has invested billions in cell and gene therapies. Gene editing is making a case for more of this funding, but companies need to understand what they’re investing in and why.

Health Care Payers, Providers, Systems, and Services

The Existential Threat to US Hospitals | rectangle

The Existential Threat to US Hospitals

The finances of the US health system are weak. If systemic issues are not resolved, the situation will worsen, with detrimental consequences for patient care and care equity.

How Health Insurers Can Keep Talent and Cut Costs | rectangle

How Health Insurers Can Keep Talent and Cut Costs

A confluence of factors means the time-tested approaches to cost control won’t work. Insurers need to rethink how they achieve more with less while maintaining a strong customer focus and employee value proposition.

Medical Devices and Technology

Why Ottobock Leads with “Social” in ESG: An Interview with CEO Philipp Schulte-Noelle

A global leader in prostheses, Ottobock set out to also become the ESG leader in its field. The key: measuring the socioeconomic benefit of its products.

Global Health

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Reimagining Global Health After the Coronavirus

What has worked, what can be improved, and what needs to be reimagined so that we are better prepared for the next pandemic and better able to improve health in the world’s poorest nations?

What It Takes to Crush a Pandemic

BCG Managing Director & Partner Johanna Benesty looks at barriers to "equitable access"—making sure COVID-19 therapeutics are available to all—while sharing a creative approach to vaccine research and development.

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