BCG at the Munich Security Conference

How can government and industry leaders tackle the most pressing international defense challenges of the 21st century? Experts at the Munich Security Conference (MSC) explore this and other tough questions.

To make the world a safer place, leaders from government and industry must understand potent forces at work, and they must define and advance common security goals that will benefit societies around the globe. Cross-border cooperation on matters of defense and security is vital for enabling leaders to meet these imperatives.

BCG’s inaugural partnership with the Munich Security Conference connects one of the world’s top management consulting firms with the world's best independent forum for high-level experts and decision makers to exchange insights on national security and foreign policy. To support the MSC’s mission, BCG is sharing our insights and expertise, including our latest thought leadership on four pressing international defense and transnational security topics.

Munich Security Conference - Cybersecurity
The percentage of IT experts who say their organization is vulnerable to cyber threats
Munich Security Conference - Space
The expected value of the space economy by 2040
Munich Security Conference - Climate & Sustainability
Climate & Sustainability
The share of US government energy usage attributable to DoD
Munich Security Conference - Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
The amount of data generated in the next 5 years relative to the previous 5 years

In our role as partner, we are drawing on our deep experience serving defense and security agencies, leveraging our capabilities in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, space, and climate and sustainability, among other topics. We are helping to shape the MSC agendas and breakout sessions and developing discussion groups to focus on today’s most pressing defense and security challenges.

Closing the Defense Innovation Readiness Gap

Our analysis shows that most Ministries of Defense (MoD) are falling behind on technological advancements. The report highlights five innovative actions MoD's can take to help them identify how best to pursue innovation and close the innovation readiness gap.

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Closing the Defense Innovation Readiness Gap

Cybersecurity in International Defense

Space Developments’ Implications for International Defense and Transnational Security

Climate and Sustainability Challenges for Defense and Security Leaders

Use of AI in International Defense

BCG at the Munich Security Conference