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Financial Institutions

Customers increasingly expect better, more-integrated experiences from their financial institutions. Banks must become bionic organizations that serve customers in ways that the financial services industry has only begun to envision. BCG helps financial institutions transform their services and use digital innovations to build for the future.

Financial institutions are being challenged to do more for customers in every industry. Despite margin pressure, banks must find ways to meet the new expectations. Should an institution integrate environmental, social, and governance considerations into its financial services strategy? Should it set a new vision for its digital future? BCG helps organizations across the financial sector assess potential pathways and make the transformative moves necessary to meet today’s challenges—and prepare for the future.

How BCG Helps Define a Digital Future for Financial Services Institutions

BCG’s work in the financial services industry—nearly 4,000 engagements over the past five years—has deepened our knowledge, enabling us to develop advanced financial sector models, benchmarks, and proprietary databases for meeting challenges across all banking segments. We use these and other tools to continually refine our predictions for the sector.

We have applied our core capabilities in business strategy, value creation, customer journeys, sustainability, M&A, post-merger integration, emerging markets, and innovation strategy to implement both highly targeted and large-scale, end-to-end business transformations in financial institutions. Our big plays include improving personalization, deepening analytics, advancing technology in operations, increasing efficiency, and mitigating risk.

A Full Suite of Offerings for Digitization in Financial Services

BCG’s solutions are tailor-made for financial services institutions. They help banks build digital banking experiences from scratch, illuminate the path ahead for emerging fintech strategies, and transform from front to back. BCG’s solutions give financial organizations the tools they need to deliver unparalleled value.



InQbate by BCG is a digital banking platform and accelerator with all the fundamental building blocks you need to build a digital bank.

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F2B Digitization

Front to back (F2B) digitization enables financial institutions to deploy all digitization levers at the same time, revolutionizing banking and unlocking value.

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SmartBanking AI

The use of AI in financial services can enable banks to build deeper customer relationships by delivering bespoke solutions. Find out how SmartBanking AI works.

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FinTech Control Tower by BCG

Our powerful, global fintech platform draws on proprietary data tools, the latest market intelligence, and BCG’s expertise to help clients uncover opportunities and execute on their fintech agenda.

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Client Success in Financial Services Strategy

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