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F2B Digitization

Front to back (F2B) digitization enables financial institutions to deploy all digitization levers at the same time, revolutionizing banking and unlocking value.

A financial institution performs roughly 4,000 processes to handle all customer interactions. With this level of complexity, it’s no wonder that banking has fallen behind other industries in making front-to-back digitization a reality. For those banks that do pursue digitization, many fall victim to common pitfalls:

Why Is F2B Banking Better?

Front-to-back digitization is a way for financial institutions to address the many digitization challenges they face. It provides a path to successful digitization—to making banking simpler, better, and faster for customers, while accelerating ROI.

F2B banking begins with identifying value streams and mapping them across the organization. A bank then digitizes front-end customer interactions and integrates them with digitized back-end processes. By harnessing the power of an array of digital technologies—including automation, AI, and data platforms—and using agile ways of working, a bank can build digital customer journeys that seamlessly deliver products and services, while running lean operations and mitigating risk.

F2B digitization is a fundamentally new way for financial institutions to organize, staff, fund, and govern their work that serves the customer and the business.

BCG’s Approach to Front-to-Back Digitization

BCG’s F2B consulting experts use proprietary diagnostics, a proven playbook, benchmarks, and a bank’s input to improve the customer experience, increase efficiency, and drive top-line growth. Front to back consultants combine deep industry knowledge with relevant capabilities in various areas, including customer journeys, digital and data platforms, operations, people, and risk management.

Explore our five-step F2B digitization process:






F2B Digitization Drives Business Impact

Our clients around the world have used BCG’s front-to-back digitization approach across a variety of value streams to achieve significant results:

Meet Our F2B Consulting Experts

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F2B Digitization

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