Value Creators Report Collection

BCG Value Creators Report: The Collection

Over the past 26 years, BCG has published annual rankings of the top value creators—and perspectives on value creation trends. Explore the full series, including the latest rankings, here.

The ability to create value for shareholders is an essential measure of a strategy’s success. For that reason, BCG has long studied leading value creators to discern the shifting patterns in what it takes to win. And while investors are not the only stakeholders that matter, organizations that deliver superior financial performance have more resources than do rivals to address critical environmental, social, and governance challenges—as well as to invest in their people and in the communities where they operate. Taken together, our value creators reports offer a longitudinal view of the quest for value and the evolving value creation agenda for business leaders.

Explore 2024’s Top Value Creators

The interactive above allows you to study the 50 large-cap companies with the highest five-year total shareholder return (TSR), along with the top 10 value creators in 35 industry segments. You can also drill down to understand the key drivers of each company’s exceptional performance. Complementing the interactive is a short article that comments on meeting the challenges of a buoyant market across industries and regions, and offers a review of our ranking methodology.

Explore Past Value Creators Reports

From our first value creators report published in 1999 to our most recent, we have complemented the rankings with strategic insights into the drivers of sustained value creation—both evergreen and emerging—and focused on an array of critical strategic issues related to value creation. In certain years, we published the rankings and the report separately; in others, together. The reports and rankings appear here in reverse chronological order.