Metropolitan Family Services

BCG’s Center for Illinois' Future helped Metropolitan Family Services devise a strategy to expand health/human services in the Chicago area.

Metropolitan Family Services

Facing recent contractions in public funding, Metropolitan Family Services (MFS) needed a strategic growth plan. BCG partnered with MFS to help identify opportunities for new growth and expand its health and human services programs to reach a wider range of families.


BCG Solution

In collaboration with MFS leaders, the BCG team conducted rigorous diagnostics to determine the areas of greatest concern to the organization. With MFS executives, the team conducted deep analysis of early-childhood education programs, mental health initiatives, and private fundraising strategies. BCG also developed a comprehensive four-year strategic plan.


The clear and actionable four-year strategic plan for growth has identified opportunities for MFS to increase its revenues from $35 million to $50 million over a four-year period—while ensuring high-quality early-childhood education initiatives and continued support of community mental-health programs.

About Metropolitan Family Services

Metropolitan Family Services (MFS) empowers families to learn, earn, heal, and thrive. MFS mentors, motivates, and advocates for Chicago-area families, providing a wide range of services designed to strengthen families and help them realize their full potential. BCG has worked with MFS since 1997 to identify new growth opportunities.

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