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规模化人工智能可以创造巨大的竞争优势,但仅仅投资尖端技术和算法是不够的。为了获取价值,需要重新调整决策和运营——并且要投资于员工才能使获取价值更加长久。在 BCG,我们称之为 10,20,70 规则。

作为大规模人工智能的先驱,那些已经将人工智能扩展到整个企业并从投资中获得有意义价值的公司通常会将 10% 的人工智能投资用于算法,20% 用于技术,70% 用于将人工智能纳入业务流程和新的工作方式中。换言之,这些组织在人员和流程上的投资是技术投资的两倍。


Are You Making the Most of Your Relationship with AI?

A recent BCG-MIT Sloan Management Review study suggests that in order to achieve significant financial benefits from their machines, companies will have to look beyond automation—and focus instead on learning and organizational transformation. A symbiotic relationship is necessary, where companies don't just teach machines what humans already know; they deploy whatever human-machine interaction the situation calls for, adapting as needed to changing context, circumstances, and scenarios.

How Our AI Consulting Experts Work with Clients

BCG’s artificial intelligence consultants and practitioners help clients quickly launch and scale AI-driven initiatives using a variety of techniques, including machine learning, large-scale optimization, and simulations. Our approach—built on lessons from hundreds of client engagements—is to think big, start small, and grow fast. With this framework, companies deliver results in weeks or months, rather than years.

Think Big

Start Small

Grow Fast

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Plan for the Future of AI

Leaders need to understand the implications of AI. BCG and WIRED's content database can help.


AI at the Core of Your Business

我们的人工智能顾问采用混合的、跨职能的团队形式,确保公司拥有全方位的专业知识,推动整个公司的 数字化转型。以下只是我们为大规模人工智能项目带来的一些功能:

  • 在人工智能战略方面,我们利用深度领域专家以及数字和分析战略家。
  • 为了推动用例,我们邀请了产品负责人、数据科学家、数据工程师、机器学习工程师和人工智能架构师。
  • 为了提供数据和分析,我们部署了产品负责人、数据工程师以及平台和云架构师。
  • 为了确保快速执行,我们启动了敏捷辅导员和敏捷教练、项目经理、业务分析师和主题专家。



Explore Our AI Work with Clients

Using AI to Detect Imminent Health Risks

Artificial intelligence can help doctors identify patients at risk at an early stage – through a tool developed prior to COVID-19 by One O One, Professor Jean-Daniel Chiche, and BCG.

Reducing Operational Complexity with AI

Using AI-driven digital twin, a mining conglomerate saved $200 million and achieved a 10x reduction in demurrage costs.

AI Tools Bring Transparency to Company Spending

BCG's patented Spend AI tool uses natural language processing, neural networks, and machine learning to help companies free up funds, rev up profits, and kick-start growth.

Leveraging AI to Create Personalized, Automated Offers

BCG's real-time personalization engine for a global food and beverage chain increased revenue per customer by a factor of three, resulting in more than $150 million in annual impact.



Are companies using artificial intelligence to make critical decisions inadvertently hindering efficiency? Sylvain Duranton advocates for implementing AI systems alongside human judgement.


The Big Leap Toward AI at Scale

Companies are encountering the “AI paradox”: it is deceptively easy to launch projects with AI but fiendishly hard to reach scale.

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