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The dynamic nature of technological innovation, data proliferation, and disruptive market forces is forcing companies to rethink the most fundamental elements of their business. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership on digital, technology, and data to learn how to turn your biggest challenges into your greatest opportunities.

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Digital, Technology, and Data in China

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Digital Outcomes

Three Digital Transformation Habits for Companies Facing Uncertainty

Google's Marie Gulin-Merle and BCG's Jay Venkat discuss why businesses should prioritize digital transformation even in times of uncertainty. Gulin-Merle and Venkat examine three habits the most digitally mature companies embrace, and they explore how companies can more easily transform their businesses.

Digital Sales Market Insights

As companies shift to remote work, their inside sales teams can become a critical resource with an expanded role within the organization.

Technology & Data

The Artificial Intelligence Database

BCG and WIRED have created an AI database to tell the story of how artificial intelligence is shaping business today and in the future.

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Think Responsibly

BCG and WIRED take a look at the implications of responsible AI—and what it would take for our society to actually build it.

Digital Talent and Organization


AI Empowers Employees, Not Just Companies

Our recent survey shows that using artificial intelligence at work benefits both organizations and employees. Increasing employee awareness, trust, and understanding of AI further enhances its value.

Industry Insights

Mapping the Future of Autonomous Trucking

BCG GAMMA and Kodiak Robotics have developed an interactive tool to identify routes that can help optimize the expansion—and benefits—of autonomous trucking.

The Digital Frontier in Chemical Distribution Networks

Companies that rethink and reform their outbound distribution networks gain new sources of revenues, greater sustainability, a more resilient supply chain, and significant competitive advantages over slower-moving rivals.

Expert Videos

Customer Experience in the Age of AI

Customer Experience in the Age of AI

Customer Experience in the Age of AI

BCG expert Romain de Laubier speaking

The Digital Transformation Roadmap to Competitive Advantage

How Should We Rethink Work?

How Should We Rethink Work?

Global Economics and Digitization

Global Economics and Digitization

Expert Patty McCord Ted talk


Sukand Ramachandran on Helping Machines Help Humans

Sukand Ramachandran on Helping Machines Help Humans

Mastering the Art of Personalization

Mastering the Art of Personalization

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Digital, Technology, and Data