Martin van den Heuvel is a core member of Boston Consulting Group’s Financial Institutions and Marketing, Sales and Pricing practices, and BCG’s Pricing Enablement Center.

Martin is an expert on the subject of pricing and revenue management in financial services and has helped leading global financial clients improve their top-line and advanced analytics capabilities and create tangible bottom line impact. Martin spent a year in the firm’s San Francisco office.

Martin has worked extensively with corporate, wealth management and retail banking clients across their full product suite in markets across Europe. This includes pricing and revenue management, optimization in daily banking, consumer lending, mortgages, investments, corporate lending, and transaction banking. In addition to retail and corporate banking, Martin has worked with clients in insurance, including property and casualty, SME, and life. He has pricing experience in other industries such B2B, travel and tourism, and consumer packaged goods.

Martin’s broader expertise includes strategy development, risk, PMI, corporate transformation programs, and cost reduction programs, in industrial goods such as truck manufacturing and cables, banking, and insurance. Before joining BCG, Martin worked as a researcher in Biophysics and Nanotechnology. He holds a PhD in Physics.


  • PhD, Physics, cum laude, Delft University of Technology
  • MSc, Physics, cum laude, Delft University of Technology