Michael Sonderby is part of Boston Consulting Group’s Transportation and Logistics (T&L) Leadership team where he is the Digital lead. He is also T&L lead for BCG Digital Ventures in Central Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (CEMA), as well as for Asia Pacific, where he is head of the BCG Digital Ventures office in Shenzhen.

Michael is an experienced digital, logistics, mobility, and ecommerce strategist, and an operator with a passion for identifying, testing, and building disruptive businesses. He led several high-impact digital teams during his time at eBay and BCG Digital Ventures. This experience has allowed him to help clients across several industries to identify, build, and scale digital businesses including a virtual freight forwarder for a global logistics player, a digital platform for a bulk shipper, and an IoT ecosystem play. 

While at eBay, Michael came to a deep understanding of the ecommerce and online marketplace platforms that are a key growth driver of, but also a challenge for, many parts of the T&L sector.


  • MSc, Economics and Industrial Relations, London School of Economics
  • BSc, international business, Copenhagen Business School
  • Captain, Royal Danish Army
Deep Expertise, Broad Experience