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BCG Digital Ventures (BCGDV) partners with the world’s most influential companies to rapidly invent, launch, scale, and invest in revolutionary new businesses. Our early-stage growth platform includes a diverse team of innovators, entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, product specialists, data scientists, operators, growth architects, and seasoned founders.


The next horizon of innovation will be owned by corporations. By accessing the priceless data resources of Fortune 1000 companies and applying a startup mentality throughout the business, BCGDV helps our corporate partners learn to think and act like venture capitalists, and together we drive the next wave of disruption and create a new breed of digital venture.

We also help clients deal with more immediate challenges, including the social and economic disruption caused by COVID-19. In this period of extraordinary change, it has never been more important for businesses to tap into the transformative power of innovation, including pioneering and deep-tech technologies, which are especially novel and offer significant advances over those currently in use.

BCGDV is uniquely positioned to help companies partner with deep-tech startups and participate in deep-tech ecosystems. We collaborate with corporations to pursue the seamless melding of technology with human ingenuity, forming companies of the future that will not only weather what’s coming but emerge stronger than ever.

BCGDV’s Business-Building Value Proposition

BCG Digital Ventures assembles world-class teams from across multiple industries and integrates them with the rest of BCG. We then put their diverse skill sets into play in a cross-functional environment where all disciplines have a seat at the table and all participants feel empowered to execute to the best of their abilities. Pairing our multidisciplinary unit with your embedded team members results in a singular force rapidly pursuing the same goal. In many instances, BCGDV’s team members have become so invested in that goal that they join the ventures they launched with our clients.

Using an innovation approach that focuses on solving pervasive consumer frictions, we identify external and internal digital opportunities and turn them into new growth that directly impacts our corporate partners’ bottom line. Our proven methodology, unmatched expertise, and externally validated results deliver strong and sustainable value, strengthening financials and companies.

BCGDV’s Approach to Business Building

BCGDV’s Business-Building Expertise

BCGDV’s business largely revolves around pioneering technology, the subset of deep-tech tools that are scalable and supported by infrastructure. Our globe-spanning team targets deeply rooted pain points—including those stemming from the ongoing COVID-19 crisis—to uncover new profit pools through technology and design. The following innovation areas are where we’re launching tomorrow’s growth businesses:

  • Machine intelligence: from computer vision, natural language processing, and voice recognition to autonomous machine intelligence, artificial general intelligence, and artificial consciousness
  • IoT and edge: from embedded hardware sensors and intelligent edge computing to nanomanufacturing and biological engineering
  • Retinal projection: from augmented, virtual, and mixed realities to retinal projection, industrial overlay, and direct neural stimulation
  • Decentralization: from cryptocurrencies, distributed ledgers, and tokens to decentralized demand-aggregation networks and autonomy

Ultimately, though, our credibility will always rest upon the way we share the risks—and rewards—of corporate venturing and the creation of new business builds with our collaborative partners.

BCG’s New Tech Build and Design Unit

BCG X—the tech build and design unit of BCG—disrupts the present and creates the future by building bold new tech products, services, and businesses.


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BCGDV’s Success at Business Building

BCGDV combines knowledge, innovation, and strategy to turn challenges into successes.

We leverage technology to drive solutions

Our ventures have found ways to leverage the latest technology to drive forward-looking solutions.

Project Spotlight

Shell's MachineMax Revolutionizes Equipment Management with Telematics

Shell and BCG Digital Ventures have worked together on many occasions to reimagine the future of business. This time, they sought to address an important challenge for the mining and construction industries: how to maximize the productivity of equipment.

Team Spotlight

Our team includes leading experts on the technology that will define the future.


Alison Rushworth

Partner & Vice President, Design

Alison Rushworth leads the Design team and co-leads the Social Impact team for BCG Digital Ventures (BCG DV) in WESA. Digital Ventures is Boston Consulting Group’s innovation, product development, venture, and commercialization firm. DV goes beyond providing strategic advice about digital opportunities, to forming strategic partnerships to help clients rapidly launch and grow transformational digital products, platforms, and businesses.

Headshot of Hod Fleishman

Hod Fleishman

Partner and Vice President, Global IoT, BCG X

He is the cofounder and former CEO of Hachiko, an IoT consumer product for connecting pets and owners via a next-generation smart collar for dogs that measures and reports their daily activities in real time. A startup and corporate entrepreneur with expertise in innovation and IoT, Hod Fleishman brings talented teams together to deliver winning IoT-enabled businesses to the world’s leading corporations and to solve the unique challenges they face today.

Headshot of BCG expert Stefan Gross-Selbeck

Stefan Gross-Selbeck

Managing Director & Senior Partner, BCG X

Stefan Gross-Selbeck is a member of BCG X, Boston Consulting Group’s tech build and design unit, specifically leading global efforts in green tech and business building for a net-zero economy.

We approach each venture like a startup

Thanks to our unique team of experienced entrepreneurs, BCGDV thrives when tackling projects requiring uncommon complexity, speed, or ingenuity. Not only can we solve the challenge at hand, but we can confidently build the venture.

Project Spotlight

Team Spotlight

Every project includes team members with proven expertise in building impactful startups.


Hanno Stegmann

Managing Director & Partner, BCG X

He is the former CEO of Rocket Internet, which incubates, builds, and develops Internet-based business models, providing operational support to its companies and helping them scale internationally. Based in Singapore and a member of the leadership team of BCGDV’s new incubation center in Southeast Asia, Hanno Stegmann invents, builds, invests in, and launches category-changing businesses at startup speed for the world’s most influential corporations.


Ella Rabener

Managing Director & Partner, BCG X

She is a UK cofounder and a former chief marketing officer at Scalable Capital, a financial-technology startup that launched an innovative automated investment service for retail clients in Germany and the UK. An experienced top-management consultant and startup entrepreneur, Ella Rabener joined BCGDV’s management team with the expertise and experience to shepherd tech startups from initial idea to successful market entry.

We build for strategic impact

Through our deep understanding of the complexity of our clients’ businesses, we’ve developed solutions that are fine-tuned to the unique challenges and opportunities inherent to their scale and stature within the industry.

Project Spotlights

Team Spotlight

Our strategic leaders have years of experience optimizing the world’s leading companies.


Beth Viner

Managing Director & Partner, BCG X

She is a former CEO of Interbrand, where she focused on a modern, evolved definition of brand experience strategy and design for the world-leading brand consultancy. She is also a former COO and CMO at Kickstarter, where she defined and implemented brand strategy and visual direction for the funding platform. With her deep background in product and service innovation, experience design, and technology, Beth Viner has defined and built the future of several consumer businesses across such industries as travel and tourism, health care, financial services, and private equity.


Ajay Chowdhury

Managing Director & Senior Partner

Ajay Chowdhury leads BCG Digital Ventures (DV) for Western Europe and South America (WESA). Digital Ventures is Boston Consulting Group’s innovation, product development, venture, and commercialization firm. DV goes beyond providing strategic advice about digital opportunities to forming strategic partnerships to help clients rapidly launch and grow transformational digital products, platforms, and businesses.

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