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BCG GAMMA: Making AI Real for Business

By combining advanced technology with deep industry experience, BCG GAMMA creates custom solutions for the artificial intelligence generation that bring about end-to-end business transformation.

AI is fomenting a revolution in technology, business, and society. But AI on its own isn’t enough. To achieve the full potential that advanced technology has to offer, organizations must incorporate it into a symbiotic system along with software infrastructure and people.

BCG GAMMA cracks the technology/people code. GAMMA combines AI data with software and BCG’s world-class consulting services to unlock impact and maximize opportunity. The result is the next wave of responsible AI that can solve the world’s toughest problems and change the equation of what’s possible.

BCG GAMMA has become an advanced analytics powerhouse, with 60 locations serving clients around the world, more than 1,500 world-class data scientists, software engineers, and analytics experts, and a solid network of academic and industry partners.

How BCG GAMMA Works with Clients

We use our knowledge of applied data science to identify how clients can use AI, and then leverage our seamless integration with BCG to tap into the firm’s unmatched software solutions consulting expertise to develop the processes, roles, and change management needed to let their efforts grow—and thrive. We believe in the 10-20-70 formula for dividing investments in AI projects:

Our offering covers the full value chain, from product development and production to supply chain and sales. We offer solutions across all industries, from health care to consumer products to financial institutions and many more."

Our approach integrates data science, technology, and ways of working across five phases:

  1. Inflection. Test cases define goals and specifics, mobilize stakeholders, and result in “go or no-go” decisions
  2. Prototype. Proof-of-concept models confirm test cases and lead to a build out of tangible business uses and execution plans.
  3. Incubation. Minimally viable products (MVPs) test market interest and help the company prepare to scale.
  4. Scale and industrialize. Processes, technology, and people are put in place to expand the offering.
  5. Operate and improve. Offerings and models are refined and enhanced based on performance data.

Explore Our Solutions, Tools, and Products

BCG GAMMA harnesses bold, game-changing technology to transform ideas into reality and enhance client impact. We create solutions for the AI generation: building and deploying custom AI and software solutions that combine data, algorithms, and modern tech with deep sector expertise to drive end-to-end business transformation. They include:

BCG’s New Tech Build and Design Unit

BCG X—the tech build and design unit of BCG—disrupts the present and creates the future by building bold new tech products, services, and businesses.


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Examples of Our Client Work

Revenue Management in Airlines

The use of a bionic revenue management approach for a global leading airline helped to drive material unit revenue lift and employee satisfaction.

At H&M, AI Stands for Amplified Intelligence

Arti Zeighami, former chief data and analytics officer for H&M Group and current director and partner for BCG X, explains how H&M went from a digital laggard to an AI industry leader—in just three years.

Lifting Australia to be the Global Leader in Disaster Resilience

BCG GAMMA, alongside 30 other organizations, used advanced analytics to create insights surrounding fire shield, healthy landscapes and resilient communities to increase Australia's natural disaster resilience.

Insurance AI

BCG GAMMA creates personalized, real-time offers for insurers to achieve massive profit gains by leveraging AI and data.,

How Data Science is Revolutionizing the Mining Industry

Read how BCG GAMMA is helping a mining technology company supply metals in a way that’s more efficient, safe, and sustainable.

A New Approach to an Old AI Problem

Learn now BCG GAMMA developed a tool that deciphers how a machine-learning model makes predictions.

The Latest Insights from BCG GAMMA

Meet the BCG GAMMA Leadership Team

Our data science consulting team works with clients across all industries on custom AI and advanced analytics solutions. Meet our global and regional leaders.

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BCG GAMMA: Making AI Real for Business