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Now more than ever, companies must achieve—and sustain—a competitive edge while driving fresh growth and boosting profitability. Strategic pricing is vital for meeting these imperatives. Pricing Catalyst by BCG helps companies extract actionable insights from data to make the right pricing decisions.

When it comes to strategic pricing, data-driven pricing decisions are crucial for success. That’s where Pricing Catalyst comes in. Powered by an AI pricing engine, Pricing Catalyst embeds our unique pricing-science approach to help clients craft pricing strategies that deliver top- and bottom-line growth. This flexible solution, built by BCG GAMMA, is available in both fully customizable and plug-and-play offerings, positioning our clients for sustained pricing success

Pricing Catalyst unites data from diverse sources in one place. From this single source of truth, clients use cutting-edge analytics to extract insights essential to quickly make smart pricing decisions, while automating manual pricing processes to free up time for more strategic activities.

Our clients have achieved impressive results with Pricing Catalyst:

How Pricing Catalyst Works

By combining our pricing and change management expertise with a sophisticated analytical pricing engine, Pricing Catalyst empowers clients to:

Understand their pricing performance

  • Ensure visibility, transparency, and consistency for all pricing analyses.
  • Gain actionable insights in days instead of weeks.
  • Identify and size pricing opportunities according to the impact of past pricing actions.

Make informed price-setting and -optimization decisions

  • Define and update all pricing levers at scale to improve net revenue management with robust, granular price levers, including list price, discount guidance, promotion management, markdown strategy, and channel mix.
  • Evaluate and compare competitors’ prices accurately with our proprietary algorithms.
  • Set prices and simulate pricing impact using AI, advanced analytics, and simulations and instantly route pricing decisions for approval through automated workflows.

Supercharge profitability with 360-degree pricing planning and management

  • Build a holistic, granular pricing plan—from the top down and the bottom up—that is fully integrated into the overall annual operating plan.
  • Execute and track pricing events at the item level, calculate how the timing of price changes affects profitability, and see the impact of deviations from targets.
  • Compare performance against the plan through multiple visualizations by business line, and use these insights to inform the next planning cycle.

To help our clients meet these goals, we ensure seamless end-to-end pricing integration and rollout into leading-edge pricing distribution systems and CRM, ERP, and CPQ solutions.

Pricing Catalyst Success Stories

As a data-driven pricing solution, Pricing Catalyst has enabled our clients in a wide array of B2B and B2C industries to achieve—and sustain—impressive business outcomes. This powerful solution helps pricing and sales teams easily and swiftly extract insights vital to their work so that they can simulate prices for thousands of SKUs in just minutes.

By complementing the solution with deep expertise in change management and integrating it seamlessly into a client’s business and technology landscape, we help ensure that our clients get maximum value from Pricing Catalyst.

Read about how Pricing Catalyst has helped organizations across industries.

Expert Support Throughout the Pricing Catalyst Journey

Our Pricing Catalyst team includes experts in pricing, data and analytics, and solution implementation, enabling us to work hand-in-hand with clients. This includes BCG GAMMA, our team of world-class data scientists with technical expertise that covers the analytics spectrum—machine learning, deep learning, AI, optimization, and operations research.

We provide training, conduct workshops, and answer questions to help clients build the capabilities they need to achieve sustained growth through data-driven pricing.

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