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A Catalyst for Moving Canada Forward

Over the past two decades, Canada has enjoyed enormous success—and our nation faces a bright future. However, our successes as a nation have partially masked some major challenges, which we also need to address in the years ahead.

To celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, we at BCG in Canada decided to examine Canada’s current and future prospects. To contribute to the national dialogue, help shape the country’s agenda, and identify the greatest opportunities for Canada, BCG established the Centre for Canada’s Future in 2017. The centre is dedicated to serving as a catalyst that moves Canada forward by identifying, analyzing, and leading action on the nation’s greatest opportunities.

BCG has long been committed to making a difference in Canada. Every day, we live out the legacy of civic entrepreneur and BCG senior partner David Pecaut, unleashing social impact by applying disciplined analytics and strategic thinking to society’s most pressing problems. We focus not on our past achievements but on anticipating and meeting the demands and promise of the future.


BCG’s Centre for Canada’s Future aims to shape the national agenda and make Canada an even better place to live, work, and run a business. To realize these goals, the centre:

  • Delivers the best of BCG's consulting and analytical capabilities to provide trusted expertise and insight on the issues most pressing to Canada.
  • Partners with Canadian organizations from the corporate, nonprofit, and government sectors seeking to move Canada forward.
  • Convenes Canada’s leaders from the public and private sectors and fosters the collaboration needed to achieve impact.
The Centre for Canada's Future