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A Catalyst for Moving Canada Forward

Since the turn of the century, Canada has enjoyed enormous success—and our nation’s future appears bright. However, our successes as a nation have partially masked some major challenges, which we will also need to address in the years ahead.

To celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017, we at BCG in Canada launched an effort to examine Canada’s current and future prospects. We then established the Centre for Canada’s Future to serve as a catalyst moving Canada forward, identifying the greatest opportunities for the nation, contributing to the national dialogue, and helping shape the country’s agenda. 

BCG has long been committed to making a difference in Canada. Every day, we live out the legacy of civic entrepreneur and BCG senior partner David Pecaut, unleashing social impact by applying disciplined analytics and strategic thinking to society’s most pressing problems. We focus not on our past achievements but on anticipating and meeting both the demands and promise of the future.


BCG’s Centre for Canada’s Future aims to be a catalyst that helps move Canada forward. To realize these goals, the Centre:

  • Delivers the best of BCG's consulting and analytical capabilities to provide trusted expertise and insight on the issues most pressing to Canada
  • Partners with Canadian organizations from the corporate, nonprofit, and government sectors seeking to move Canada forward
  • Convenes Canadian leaders from the public and private sectors and fosters the collaboration needed to achieve impact

Our Latest Insights


BCG’s Centre for Canada’s Future is proud to be a founding member of the Canadian Alliance for Net-Zero Agri-food (CANZA). Bringing together Canadian leaders along the entire agri-food value chain from farmers to retailing, CANZA aims to drive meaningful change by fostering collaboration across technology, infrastructure, policy, and finance.

Canada has an enormous opportunity to help feed the world as the planet’s population grows to 10 billion by 2050, while also creating economic opportunity here in Canada and leading the global path to sustainable food systems.

We are delighted to partner with our cofounders to help advance progress in these critical issues. Click here to read The Next Green Revolution, our thought leadership initiative in collaboration with RBC and the Arrell Food Institute. Click here to learn more about CANZA.



Canada Has an EV Edge, If It Acts Now

Trends in battery supply chains coupled with the US’s Inflation Reduction Act present a tremendous opportunity for Canada and Canadian companies, if we act now.




To celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, BCG takes a look at Canada‘s enormously successful past and bright future. To launch a series of studies advancing a national conversation about Canada’s future we begin with this examination of Canada’s prosperity.

Canada Is Too Big To Think Small

BCG and its partners in the CanInfra collaboration plan a conference and national contest to advance the conversation on the future of infrastructure in Canada.



The Next Frontier of Workplace Culture

Unchecked workplace stress is fueling a mental health crisis among young Canadians. Fostering resilience and well-being can help businesses address burnout.


Why Canada Needs Generative Leaders

As the world continues to change dramatically, one thing remains constant: the need for strong and effective leadership. Here is how Generative Leadership principles can empower public sector teams to address the key challenges in today's disruptive times.



Making the Most of Diversity Dollars in Canada

The question is no longer “if” or “why” gender diversity is important, but rather “how to get there.” In Canada, BCG spoke with representatives from 28 companies across major industries and surveyed more than 1,200 employees. The Canadian-specific results provide a clear playbook to company leaders on how to improve gender diversity.


The Centre for Canada’s Future Leaders

Through the Centre for Canada’s Future, BCG brings strategic excellence and a focus on creating meaningful impact for Canadians. We collaborate with the public and private sectors to address the greatest challenges facing both society and Canada as a country, mobilizing action and acting as catalysts for change on critical issues such as Canadian prosperity, successful cities, attracting foreign investment, and digital innovation.