Drive and Sustain Successful Reorganization Programs

In today's environment, where change is the only constant, creating competitive advantage takes more than the right strategy; it takes an adaptable, high-performing organization.

Yet as common as reorganizations have become, what's even more common is their high failure rate. Less than half of all reorganization efforts are successful.

The Organization Design Enablement Center ensures the success of large-scale reorganization programs to create better, faster, deeper, and more sustainable high-performing organizations. 

The keys to success lie in our collaboration with clients to make them more capable and in our comprehensive ecosystem of tools, databases, and expertise.

We enable clients to develop capabilities throughout the phases of reorganization.

  • Prepare clients for the efforts ahead with our Org Design playbook, internal trainings, and packaged materials on integrating leadership and talent in the reorganization context.
  • Educate clients about their role in the efforts through workshops on partnering with business leaders and e-modules on role charters, design, staffing, and difficult conversations.
  • Equip the newly designed organization to operate more quickly within the new design by training leaders and teams.
  • Support clients to independently complete and sustain org design efforts at the tail end of BCG engagement.

By employing a holistic approach to reorganizing—through synchronizing structure with strategy—we can ensure the right individuals are in the most appropriate, clearly defined roles.

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