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Sweeping technological advances have created major growth opportunities in the insurance industry, both for industry leaders and for innovative third-party providers. Agile insurers that reinvent their consumer engagement models, digitize distribution and operations, and embrace big data and analytics will lead the industry. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership on insurance to chart your digital path.

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Insurance in India


Measure To Grow: Drive double-digit growth by measuring marketing right

Digital is the fastest-growing marketing channel in India, however, marketing measurement capabilities and approach have not kept pace. This report brings forth an industry consensus on unlocking exponential growth through optimal marketing measurement and provides a five step guide for organizations to accelerate their measurement journey to unlock growth.


Health Insurance Vision 2025: Insuring Lives of Billion Indians

The report published in collaboration with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has been developed to understand the key challenges hindering health insurance penetration in the country, and highlights clear set of imperatives across industry stakeholders to work together to achieve the bold vision of providing health cover to 1 billion Indians by 2025.


India Insurance: Going from Teens to Twenties

The Indian Insurance Industry has Developed on Multiple Dimensions in the “Teens”. In its ‘Teens’—the second decade after liberalization, the Indian insurance industry has been shaped by significant shifts in the distribution landscape, product mix, and changing competition landscape.

Bionic Insurer

The Bionic Insurer

Combining people and technology in the right way allows insurers to tap the full value of digital at scale.

AI, Bionic Insurance, and the 10-20-70 Rule

Traditional insurers can gain immense advantage by developing an effective strategy for AI and analytics—while recognizing that the lion’s share of AI’s value comes from changed processes and new ways of working.

CEO Agenda

Bionic Insurers and the IT Dilemma

CEOs and CIOs often have conflicting agendas for the best use of their company's IT investment. Is there a third approach that can bridge the gap?

Value Creation in Insurance

Insurance Value Creators Report 2020

BCG's Thomas Seidl shares the main findings from our latest report, which considers the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on insurance.

Customer Journeys at Scale

Customer Journeys at Scale—An Overview

True customer centricity requires undoing traditional operating models, cutting through silos, and adopting new ways of working. Hear more about what makes a successful customer journey transformation.

Expert Interviews

Embedded Insurance

Embedded Insurance

Embedded Insurance

Reinventing the Model for Life Insurance Agency Distribution

Reinventing the Model for Life Insurance Agency Distribution

Digital Underinvestment Hurts Insurers

Digital Underinvestment Hurts Insurers

Michelle Hu on What Insurance Companies Can Learn from China's Approach to Insurtech

Michelle Hu on What Insurance Companies Can Learn from China's Approach to Insurtech

Insurance Value Creators Report 2020

Insurance Value Creators Report 2020

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