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Sweeping technological advances have created major growth opportunities in the insurance industry. Insurers that reinvent their consumer engagement models, digitize distribution and operations, and embrace big data and analytics will lead the industry. Explore BCG’s latest insurance insights to chart your digital path.

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Value Creation in Insurance

INSPA Value Creators Report Hero

Value Creators in Insurance

BCG’s annual insurance value creators report explores the distinctive drivers of sustained value creation in each sector of the global insurance industry, and the winners who have overcome insurance industry challenges.

AI in Insurance

What’s Possible? GenAI and Insurance

Insurance is a complex, regulated business built around data, IT, and people. BCG’s Chris Freese argues that, by unlocking the potential of all three, generative AI promises a transformation that has eluded the sector for years.

The Evolving State of Digital Transformation
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Embracing the Agent Advantage: Independent Agents as Front-Line Underwriters

Even as insurance becomes more digital, independent agents remain indispensable given their localized knowledge and unique expertise. They wield significant influence in customer acquisition and retention, and their endorsement is often what drives a sale. So, becoming the carrier of choice for agents can mean the difference between merely surviving in the competitive landscape and driving profitable growth.

This white paper reveals how independent agents can help insurers chart a course toward more sustainable growth and profitability.

CEO Agenda

A CEO’s Take on Reimagining Insurance for Customers

Generali Germany CEO, Giovanni Liverani, explains how he transformed his company to build the foundations for becoming a ‘lifetime partner’ for Generali’s customers.

Customer Journeys at Scale

Customer Journeys at Scale—An Overview

True customer centricity requires undoing traditional operating models, cutting through silos, and adopting new ways of working. Hear more about what makes a successful customer journey transformation.

Open water with boats

BCG on Insurance

Will AI in insurance reshape the industry? Where are the growth opportunities for insurers? Connect with us on LinkedIn to read our latest insights and share your ideas.

Expert Interviews

The Net-Zero Insurer

Net zero isn’t just a climate imperative—it’s a business one. Insurers globally must define an integrated strategy that will allow them to pick up the pace of transition to net-zero.

Digital Underinvestment Hurts Insurers

Simone Schwemer shares a few of the insights from BCG's digital maturity assessment, particularly highlighting how "digital champions" in the insurance industry are outperforming companies that are not investing in digital.

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