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Our Latest Thinking on Insurance

Sweeping technological advances have created major growth opportunities in the insurance industry, both for industry leaders and for innovative third-party providers. Agile insurers that reinvent their consumer engagement models, digitize distribution and operations, and embrace big data and analytics will lead the industry. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership on insurance to chart your digital path.

Featured Insights

Digital Transformation

InsurTech Enters the ’20s With Sustained Success

InsurTech Enters the ’20s with Sustained Success

A look at the record-breaking year in InsurTech (emerging trends, innovative business models, and the most disruptive technologies) using a data-driven view of InsurTech globally through products, investments, and geographies.

Embedded Insurance

BCG's Christopher Freese explains the nuances of embedded insurance. The digital world is disrupting previous insurance relationships to offer big changes through ever-increasing convenience.

Lessons from China's Insurtech Leaders

Lessons from China’s Insurtech Leaders

Western insurance companies have a lot to learn from the insurtech leaders in China—specifically their strategies for fostering and managing digital innovation.

Data & Analytics

BCG’s Latest Insurance Insights

The insurance industry is entering a new era. Follow BCG on Insurance on LinkedIn for a collection of insights and news from BCG’s Insurance practice, covering all sectors of the industry.

CEO Agenda

Moving Beyond Dividend Payouts

Moving Beyond Dividend Payouts

The only recipe for corporate survival in insurance is profitable growth above the cost of equity—requiring a strategy of two interconnected components.

Customer Experience

Insurance at a Tipping Point

BCG’s Pia Tischhauser discusses how crucial it is for insurance companies to offer products that will add true value. To do so, they need to become more customer centric—and finally go fully digital.

Customer-Centricity in Insurance

Customer-Centricity in Insurance

Want to boost customer satisfaction? Take a tip from today’s technology leaders and offer personalized interactions, faster response times, and greater transparency.

Cyber Insurance: High Risk, Huge Opportunity

According to BCG’s Lucy Pilko, the need for protection against cyberrisk is “clear, compelling, and growing,” but insurers need to understand a lot more about the risk they are taking on.

Cyber Insurance as a Risk Mitigation Strategy

Cyber Insurance as a Risk Mitigation Strategy

As cyberattacks—and government regulations—increase, insurers are uniquely positioned to help their customers improve cyber awareness and better understand and manage the risks ahead.

Insurance in India

India Insurance

India Insurance: Going from Teens to Twenties

The Indian insurance industry has shown development across multiple dimensions over the last decade. In its ‘Teens’—the second decade after liberalization, the Indian insurance industry has been shaped by significant shifts in the distribution landscape, product mix, and changing competition landscape. Life insurance and non-life insurance segments have experienced different growth trajectories.

The Changing Face of Indian Insurance: Bigger, Better, Faster

This publication was released by BCG in association with FICCI. It is a follow-on presentation focusing on key megatrends that will have a significant impact on the Indian insurance sector and how insurers can adapt to the same to get bigger, better, and faster.

Encashing on Digital: Financial Services in 2020

The role of digital in financial services is rapidly expanding. However, the financial services industry has not fully recognized the rising importance of digital among Indian consumer. Financial institutions need to leverage digital to completely transform the customer experience. They will need to transform themselves in three stages.

India Insurance: Turning 10, Going on 20

The Insurance Practice in India along with The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) released a report titled India Insurance—Turning 10, Going on 20 at the 14th Insurance Conference in New Delhi.

Expert Interviews

Reinventing the Model for Life Insurance Agency Distribution

Reinventing the Model for Life Insurance Agency Distribution

An Interview with Inga Beale: Leading the Insurance Market to a Digital Future

How P&C Insurers Can Compete In a World of New Business Models and Ecosystems

What the Future Holds for London Insurers

Michelle Hu on What Insurance Companies Can Learn from China's Approach to Insurtech

Malakoff Médéric’s Journey to Becoming a Truly Data-Driven Insurer

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