Enabling Lean Transformation

Gaining competitive advantage through lean practices is a three-step journey. It begins with understanding the lean philosophy and creating a lean production system. Next, lean transformation initiatives examine and refine end-to-end processes. Finally, lean enablement empowers businesses to build capabilities that improve and sustain performance with a culture of continuous improvement. Our lean enablement centers help companies through this entire journey.

The BCG Lean Enablement Philosophy

What makes our lean enablement centers different? We help clients develop winning capabilities, build better managers, and create next-level platforms to achieve sustainable results. We do this based on seven unique elements:

  1. Strategic/Business. We understand the strategic and business perspectives of our clients.
  2. Customization. We tailor our solutions to a client’s specific situation, with emphasis on the most important areas of need.
  3. Fast Results. We design to begin building capabilities and generating impact from day one.
  4. Efficiency. We are “lean in lean” so that we help our clients be independent at an earlier time than our competitors.
  5. Measurable. We use health checks to measure enablement progress within the client organization.
  6. Corporate Learning. We are considerate of and place specific focus on roles and responsibilities, from the executive suite to the factory floor.
  7. Client Enablement. We integrate client members in our teams to work hands-on to get results and build capabilities.
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