BCG X: BCG’s New Tech-Build and Design Business Unit Is Home to the World's Best Tech Talent

  • BCG’s Digital Capabilities—BCG Digital Ventures, BCG GAMMA, and BCG Platinion (Product, Design, and Engineering)–Will Become Part of BCG X, BCG’s New Tech-Build and Design Business Unit
  • Move Brings Together More Than 2,500 Digital, AI, and Technology Designers and Builders, With Plans to Double its Global Workforce Over Next Three Years
  • Shift Acknowledges the Unparalleled Impact Achieved from Bringing BCG’s Industry and Digital Capabilities Together to Drive End-To-End Transformation

BOSTON—Today, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) announces the launch of BCG X, a new home for tech-build and design talent to work with the world’s leading organizations and solve their biggest strategy and technology challenges. The new business unit brings together cutting-edge AI, visionary business ventures, and unique software and products in the most strategic industry applications for clients.

BCG’s digital business has grown dramatically over the last five years, with nearly half of the firm’s business now driven by digital client work. BCG is already working with many of the world’s largest businesses across all industries on their tech strategies and transformations. As the market continues to evolve and demand for support accelerates, the formation of this new business unit will strengthen BCG’s ability to work on the largest and most complex digital transformation projects.

The move brings together already successful multidisciplinary teams that collectively have seen triple-digit growth every year for the past seven years. BCG X will further enhance collaboration among diverse disciplines to serve clients in an even more integrated and seamless way. BCG X plans to double the size of its workforce over the next three years.

“Facilitating a more formal integration of our already-collaborative teams allows us to build faster and more boldly, as well as ensure we are building human-centric products responsibly,” said Sylvain Duranton, BCG’s global leader of BCG X. It will also enhance our client experience by facilitating greater integration of BCG’s tech capabilities into a streamlined set of offers and products. BCG X will be the natural home for the world’s best technology talent who want to work with the leaders of the world’s largest and most complex organizations to help them achieve their full digital potential.”

BCG X’s unparalleled impact is powered by the BCG Digital Ventures (BCGDV) and BCG GAMMA teams, as well as the engineering, design, and product teams from BCG Platinion. Together as BCG X, these teams represent more than 2,500 technologists, designers, and builders who are part of a larger community of more than 7,000 BCG tech and digital consultants.

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BCG Digital Ventures (BCGDV) is the corporate innovation and digital business building arm of Boston Consulting Group. The organization invents, launches, scales, and invests in industry-changing new businesses with the world's most influential companies. BCGDV's diverse, multidisciplinary team of entrepreneurs, operators, and investors work cross-functionally, rapidly moving from idea to market in less than 12 months. Founded in 2014, the organization has 16 Innovation Centers around the world.

Since its inception in 2015, BCG GAMMA is the AI business unit for BCG. BCG GAMMA combines innovative skills in computer science, artificial intelligence (AI), statistics, and machine learning with deep industry and functional expertise. The BCG GAMMA team is composed of world-class data scientists, software and data engineers, and product experts with a consulting mindset.

BCG Platinion was founded in Germany in 2000 to add IT architecture expertise to BCG’s existing capabilities. Since then, it has grown continuously and successfully with offices around the globe. Paired with BCG’s strategic consultancy, Platinion designs, builds, and implements the platforms, digital products and IT architectures that transform clients into more autonomous, productive, and agile organizations.

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