Working in Helsinki

BCG’s brand recognition in Finland has continued to develop since the office opened in 1995. Today we can proudly say that we are the leading premium consultancy in the country. Like the other Nordic offices, our Helsinki office aims to maintain a family feeling, no matter how much we grow.

Work and Culture

Office Location

Our modern office is located in Kluuvi, the commercial center of Helsinki, and is close to the headquarters of Finnish banks as well as the central campus of the University of Helsinki.

Who We Work With

Throughout the past 20 years, BCG in Helsinki has delivered a significant, visible impact on our clients. These results have created the grounds for the long, trusting, collaborative relationships that we are very proud to have with our clients today.

In addition to our dedication to clients, one of BCG’s core values is to give back to society. BCG in Helsinki has done several pro bono projects, including helping to design the polyclinic at the new children's hospital in Helsinki, ensuring optimal functionality, efficiency, and people flow. The children's hospital is scheduled to open in 2017.


At BCG in Helsinki, we offer a career filled with unparalleled intellectual challenges and the opportunity to have an impact on clients' businesses. In addition, we always encourage our consultants to try the overseas experience through some of the BCG abroad programs. Opportunities include our Associate Abroad and Ambassador programs, or staff can pursue a temporary transfer of 6 to 18 months. There are many different possibilities.

Our Office Culture

BCG in Helsinki believes in the importance of creativity, analytical skills, and entrepreneurship and looks for these talents in its people. These abilities enable us to create solutions that deliver clear impact and competitive advantage for our clients. Equally, we believe in a culture of diversity and respect; everyone’s views and opinions are valued regardless of tenure or position.

While we work hard to deliver impact to clients, we also remember to have fun together. Our Fun Committee organizes a number of events throughout the year, ranging from sports activities and Friday bars to winter and summer outings.

Welcome Letter

A decade ago, I joined BCG from another consultancy, convinced that this was where I would be offered the steepest learning curve and be able to drive impact in business and society. I was not disappointed. I cannot see that there is any other firm offering our combination of unique insight and genuine culture—for our people and clients.

Ten years on, I am proud to be part of a Nordic system that unites four very different cultures in one unique system, where lifting as a team is more important than individual performance. We are one of the fastest-growing systems at BCG, but the family feeling never disappears. Fundamentally, I am convinced that our growth comes down to our people—and the way we work together.

The environment in BCG’s Nordic offices is both stimulating and inspiring, and I continue to be in awe of the exceptional group of people with whom I work every single day. BCG continues to challenge me, even in my role as partner and managing director, and that is exactly why I keep choosing BCG as the place to develop myself and deliver impact for our clients.

It will be up to you to develop and design your own path at BCG, depending on which direction you want it to go. But whatever you decide, BCG will provide you with opportunities that you won’t find in other firms.

So, if you are passionate, driven, and curious by nature—then BCG is the place for you to be.

Kaori Uehigashi
Partner & Managing Director


Consultant Recruiting

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