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The Bionic Energy Network

Every energy network utility that we speak with recognizes the crucial importance of digital technologies for growing its business. Yet few of these companies are satisfied with the results that they have seen so far. And even fewer feel that they have been able to derive robust, sustainable advantage.

This reckoning comes at a time when energy networks are facing growing pressure from many directions: regulation, which squeezes returns; the advent of distributed energy resources, which require new technological and operational approaches; and climate change, which has brought about more-frequent extreme weather events and crises, such as wildfires.

BCG’s research and experience show that, regardless of the industry, the most digitally advanced companies are blending new technologies with their human capabilities. These so-called bionic companies consistently come out on top, achieving operational and financial metrics that are better than those of their competitors.

The following collection of articles, written by my colleagues over the past two years, sheds light on how bionic energy network utilities are addressing some key challenges that are confronting the industry, including transitioning to renewable energy; managing assets, the workforce, and vegetation; and reducing energy losses and debt. As these articles demonstrate, bionic energy networks have achieved superior business outcomes by combining the best of what technology and human expertise have to offer.

We hope that these perspectives open up opportunities for your energy network.

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Let’s Get Digital in Asset Management

By combining human know-how with technology, data, and advanced analytics, energy networks can predict potential failures, optimize asset performance, and reduce the time to deploy.

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Cutting More Data and Fewer Trees

It’s time to take vegetation management to the next level. Adopting a bionic approach can reduce costs and risks while boosting employee performance.

The Bionic Energy Network