TED@BCG Mumbai - 2019

Humans are creatures of profound potential. But how do we access the intelligence, imagination, and invention we need to solve business and society’s greatest challenges? How do we hack away at the structures and complacency that hold us back from turning potential into reality? To succeed in the next decade, and beyond, we can’t simply optimize what we know. We need to continuously learn. We must engage with ideas from distributed and diverse sources of information. In the face of constant change, we must unlock our full potential—human, technological, and natural—to accomplish things we never thought possible.

On the Ground at TED@BCG 2019

The Opening of the 2019 TED@BCG Event

BCG's Rich Lesser and Alpesh Shah introduce the eighth TED@BCG event in Mumbai. Get ready to be inspired and energized about your next idea.

  • Management Lessons from Chinese Business and Philosophy

    Management Lessons from Chinese Business and Philosophy

  • ted-11127577-tcm9-239165

    How Online Marketplaces Can Help Local Economies, Not Hurt Them

  • sylvain-duranton-how-humans-ai-can-work-together-to-create-better-businesses-tcm9-238487.jpg

    How Humans and AI Can Work Together to Create Better Businesses

  • markus-mutz-how-supply-chain-transparency-can-help-planet-tcm9-237784.jpg

    How Supply Chain Transparency Can Help the Planet

  • ipsita-dasgupta-challenge-status-quo-find-co-conspirator-tcm9-237168.jpg

    To Challenge the Status Quo, Find a “Co-conspirator”

  • lorna-davis-a-guide-to-collaborative-leadership-tcm9-235910.jpg

    A Guide to Collaborative Leadership

  • sougwen-chung-on-why-i-draw-with-robots-tcm9-234907.jpg

    Why I Draw With Robots

  • what-if-world-used-one-currency-kavita-gupta-tcm9-234610.jpg

    What If the World Used One Currency?

  • search-for-truth-age-social-media-chris-kutarna-tcm9-234611.jpg

    The Search for Truth in the Age of Social Media

  • power-of-invisibility-akiko-busch-tcm9-234612.jpg

    The Power of Invisibility

Speaker Lineup for TED@BCG Unlock

Our speakers will explore what it means to unlock human potential, examining this idea through the lenses of science, technology, social impact, media, business, and more.


Gaby Barrios | Partner & Associate Director, BCG Paris

Akiko Busch | Author, How to Disappear

Sougwen Chung | Artist & Researcher

Amane Dannouni | Partner, BCG Casablanca

Ipsita Dasgupta | Media and Sports Executive

Lorna Davis | Global Ambassador, B Corporation

Slyvain Duranton |Managing Director & Senior Partner, BCG Paris

Abhishek Gopalka | Managing Director & Partner, BCG New Delhi

Kavita Gopalka | Visiting Scholar, Stanford University

Jean-Manuel Izaret | Managing Director & Senior Partner, BCG San Francisco

Toby Kiers | University Research Chair & Professor, VU Amsterdam

Chris Kutarna | Fellow, Oxford Martin School

Markus Mutz | CEO, Opensc & Venture Architect Director, BCGDV

Fang Ruan | Managing Director & Partner, BCG Hong Kong


Dee MC | Rapper & Singer-Songwriter

Gingger Shankar | Musician, Composer, Activist

Pirashanna Thevarajah | Percussionist

Behind the Scenes at TED

A Day in the Life of a TED Speaker

Sit in on a conversation between BCG’s Shalini Unnikrishnan and Michael Ringel; they share their experiences as former TED speakers and discuss the Reboot event.

Preparing for a TED Talk

Learn what it takes to prepare a TED talk from two TED veterans: Amy Rule, director for BCG’s external relations, and Briar Goldberg, speaker coach director for TED.

Past TED@BCG Events

Explore the thoughts and perspectives from our most recent TED@BCG events in Toronto and Milan.



In 2017, more than 500 executives, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders gathered in Milan to explore the theme "Break the Mold."



In 2018, speakers and leaders from around the world congregated in Toronto to “Reboot” and find a new definition for the bottom line.