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Ted@BCG 2019: Unlocking human potential

TED@BCG 孟买—2019

人类是具有深厚潜能的生物。但我们如何获取智慧、想象力和创造力,以应对商业和社会生活中最严峻的挑战? 我们如何不断努力改进业务结构,克服自满心理,以避免这些因素阻碍我们释放潜能? 要想制胜下一个十年,谋求长盛不衰,仅仅优化已有认知还远远不够。我们需要不断学习。我们必须从分散且多样化的信息渠道汲取观点。身处日新月异的环境,我们必须释放人类、技术和自然层面的全部潜力,让不可能变为可能。

Speaker Lineup for TED@BCG Unlock

Our speakers will explore what it means to unlock human potential, examining this idea through the lenses of science, technology, social impact, media, business, and more.


Gaby Barrios | Partner & Associate Director, BCG Paris

Akiko Busch | Author, How to Disappear

Sougwen Chung | Artist & Researcher

Amane Dannouni | Partner, BCG Casablanca

Ipsita Dasgupta | Media and Sports Executive

Lorna Davis | Global Ambassador, B Corporation

Sylvain Duranton | Managing Director & Senior Partner, BCG Paris

Abhishek Gopalka | Managing Director & Partner, BCG New Delhi

Kavita Gupta | Visiting Scholar, Stanford University

Jean-Manuel Izaret | Managing Director & Senior Partner, BCG San Francisco

Toby Kiers | University Research Chair & Professor, VU Amsterdam

Chris Kutarna | Fellow, Oxford Martin School

Markus Mutz | CEO, OpenSC & Venture Architect Director, BCGDV

Fang Ruan | Managing Director & Partner, BCG Hong Kong


Dee MC | Rapper & Singer-Songwriter

Gingger Shankar | Musician, Composer, Activist

Pirashanna Thevarajah | Percussionist

TED 幕后揭秘

TED 演讲者的一天

聆听 BCG 的 Shalini Unnikrishnan 和 Michael Ringel 的对话;他们分享了曾经作为 TED 演讲者的经历,并讨论了“重启”活动。

为 TED 演讲做准备

从两位 TED 资深人士身上了解 TED 演讲需要做哪些准备工作,这两位人士分别是:BCG 对外关系高级经理 Amy Rule 和 TED 演讲指导总监 Briar Goldberg。

Past TED@BCG Events

Explore the thoughts and perspectives from our most recent TED@BCG events in Toronto and Milan.

TED@BCG 2017: Break the Mold thumbnail


In 2017, more than 500 executives, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders gathered in Milan to explore the theme "Break the Mold."

TED@BCG 2018: Reboot thumbnail


In 2018, speakers and leaders from around the world congregated in Toronto to “Reboot” and find a new definition for the bottom line.