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Die Rolle der Wirtschaft in unserer Gesellschaft hat sich so weit gewandelt, dass gesellschaftliche Auswirkungen nicht länger einfach nur ein beneidenswertes Nebenprodukt, sondern eine zentrale strategische Komponente erfolgreicher Geschäftsführung darstellen. Unternehmen sind auf eine einzigartige Art und Weise befähigt, globale Herausforderungen in Angriff zu nehmen, und die Annahme dieser Herausforderungen hält in der heutigen Welt enorme Geschäftsvorteile bereit. Erkunden Sie die aktuelle Vordenkerposition von BCG in Bezug auf Social Impact und erfahren Sie mehr darüber, wie das Wachstum Ihres Geschäfts der Welt zugutekommen kann.

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Doing Good to Grow Beyond Great

In a world in turmoil, the private sector can make a positive impact in the fight against climate change and inequality, securing companies’ long-term advantage in the process.

Sustainable Finance & Investing


ESG Commitments Are Here to Stay

For now, corporate sustainability spending may be curtailed. But investors believe that in the long run, ESG will remain a powerful driver of portfolio performance.


BCG’s Center for Climate Action

We partner with clients across the public, private, and social sectors to align their strategy, operations, and stakeholder engagement with a low-carbon world. Our work is supported by BCG’s experience across all industries and capabilities and by our reach of brands.

Climate & Environment

Humanitarian Response

Global Health

What Happens after We Develop a COVID-19 Vaccine?

BCG Managing Director & Partner Johanna Benesty looks at barriers to "equitable access"—making sure COVID-19 therapeutics are available to all—and shares a creative approach to vaccine research and development.

Ensuring an Inclusive Recovery

COVID-19 is having a disproportionate impact on people who were already vulnerable: low income earners, racial minorities, and those without access to technology. We believe that public, private, and social sector leaders have a moral—and business—imperative to place inclusion at the heart of their response and recovery strategies.


Win the Fight

Restarting Societies and Economies—Safely

Economic Development

Rising to the Digital Challenge in Africa

Rising to the Digital Challenge in Africa

Africa’s digital maturity trails other regions, but its digital adoption is rapid. To maintain momentum, companies and governments need to coordinate to build scale, nurture talent and build innovation hubs.


Measure Well-Being to Improve It

Governments need a dashboard—one that tracks not just economic growth but also citizens’ well-being and happiness levels—in order to understand how their performance stacks up.


Food Systems & Security


A Recipe to Reduce Food Loss and Waste

Portuguese retailer Sonae piloted five initiatives that could ultimately slash the loss and waste of fruits and vegetables across its supply chain by 12,000 tons.


BCG on Social Impact

Folgen Sie „BCG on Social Impact“ auf LinkedIn und erkunden Sie, wie Unternehmen ihre SDGs verbesssern und wie ihr Geschäftswachstum der Gesellschaft zugutekommen kann.

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How Carbon Capture Networks Could Help Curb Climate Change


How Carbon Capture Networks Could Help Curb Climate Change

How to Reduce the Wealth Gap between Black and White Americans

How to Reduce the Wealth Gap between Black and White Americans


What Happens after We Develop a COVID-19 Vaccine?


How Supply Chain Transparency Can Help the Planet

The Business Benefits of Doing Good

The Business Benefits of Doing Good


Wie hellwache Investoren Unternehmen gezielt zu einem Kulturwandel bewegen können


How Motivation Can Fix Public Systems


Ein Netflix-Modell kann medizinische Behandlungen billiger machen


Wie ein marodes Bildungssystem verbessert werden kann – ohne zusätzliche Kosten

Endlich gibt es sie: Technologien zum Einsatz im Zusammenhang mit wirtschaftlichen Entwicklungen

Endlich gibt es sie: Technologien zum Einsatz im Zusammenhang mit wirtschaftlichen Entwicklungen

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