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Rapid changes in the market are creating a wealth of opportunities. To succeed during this go-to-market revolution, businesses must transform their commercial functions. But where should companies focus first? BCG provides clarity, working closely with clients to sift through data and get to the right decision—and action—right away.

While the exact go-to-market strategy is different for each business, the steps to build a plan of action follow a common sequence.

  • Start with vision and ambition. Decide where you want the business to be next year, or in the next three to five years.
  • Take rapid actions to drive meaningful impact to the bottom line. Use this impact to fund the journey.
  • Tailor a series of programs to build capabilities and improve performance. Such programs can help fund the overall journey.
  • Expand your efforts based on success with the initial programs.

Keep in mind that several waves of activity will be required to achieve your goals and create value.

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