The Oil & Gas Digital Imperative

Oil and gas companies face a challenging environment today. They must operate more efficiently than ever while maintaining high safety and environmental protection standards. Using the latest digital tools and methodologies, BCG’s Center for Digital in Oil & Gas can partner with companies to help them unlock value—and thrive.

Oil and gas companies have always made use of technology, both physical and computational, but they have been slower than companies in other industries to adopt the latest wave of digital transformation. Many are missing an integrated digital strategy, important capabilities, and concrete action plans.

The Center for Digital in Oil & Gas digitally transforms companies by partnering with them to build increasingly interconnected, smart systems that leverage data and enable their frontlines to deliver large and lasting impact. We develop cutting-edge solutions that include world-class digital strategy, processes, tools, and capabilities—allowing energy companies to succeed now and into the future.

Digital Strategy in Oil & Gas

Digital is expected to disrupt established business models by drastically affecting the scope of activities and their economics, and by enabling the emergence of new players. This disruption will change the competitive dynamics of the relevant ecosystems. In our work with leading organizations, we find that companies often struggle with the complexity of these changes.

To capture the benefits of digitization, mitigate threats, and take advantage of disruptions, companies need to:

  • Analyze the role they will play in the digital ecosystem.
  • Identify the partners they will need to work with.
  • Identify and acquire the capabilities that they will need in order to succeed

The Center for Digital in Oil & Gas uses industry experience combined with a structured approach to enable companies to understand how digitization can alter the industry ecosystem and define the best course of action tailored to their unique situation. We help define the digital vision, build new offerings, transform core businesses, and establish a solid foundation for full-scale digital transformation.
Our holistic approach to digital transformation ensures all required dimensions are covered and no stone is left unturned when developing an organization’s path to digital success.

Our Experts

The experts at BCG’s Center for Digital in Oil & Gas work with leading energy companies worldwide to master digital transformation. Our team is comprised of top-tier strategy consultants with deep knowledge of the energy sector, along with world-class digital experts, data scientists, and IT specialists. Together, we're helping energy companies transform their operations so that they're able to unlock new opportunities made possible by digital.

Global Leadership

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  • Global leader for oil and gas
  • Energy trading and risk management
  • Downstream oil, including ground fuels, aviation fuels, and LPG
  • Operations and efficiency
  • Leads BCG's Center for Digital in Oil & Gas
  • Upstream oil and gas
  • Upstream value creation and strategy
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Leads BCG's global work in IT sourcing
  • IT transformation
  • IT cost reduction
  • System selection and modernization

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  • Leads BCG's research on the digitalization of commodity trading
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  • Big data and analytics
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  • Leads BCG's global work in commodities trading and risk management in energy
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  • Digital asset management
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