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Automotive in China

Retaining Car Buyers in the Rise of Shared Mobility in China

Facing challenges arising from development of shared mobility, car companies need to reduce burden of owning a car by improving convenience, efficiency and transparency of after-sales services, and to offer products that best meet customers’ specific mobility needs that shared mobility is not able to effectively address.

Telematics: The Test for Insurers

Telematics—the wireless technology that delivers safety services, route information, and entertainment to motor vehicles—presents auto insurers with a significant opportunity to create value.

Autonomous Vehicles and New Mobility

Electric Vehicles

The Lithium Supply Crunch Rectangle

The Lithium Supply Crunch Doesn’t Have to Stall Electric Cars

Due to shortages of critical materials and vulnerable supply chains, production of lithium-ion batteries could fall far short of demand. Coordinated action is needed to boost supply in a sustainable way and keep the transition to renewable energy on course. 

Why Electric Cars Can’t Come Fast Enough

Sales of electric vehicles are booming. But to meet the necessary targets for cutting worldwide emissions, the automotive industry needs to transition to EVs even more rapidly.


Are US Car Dealers Ready for Tomorrow? | Rectangle

Are US Car Dealers Ready for Tomorrow?

Chronic new-vehicle shortages, the EV transition, and the rise of digital retail are disrupting the traditional business models of brick-and-mortar dealerships. Many are underprepared.


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