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Automotive in China

Retaining Car Buyers in the Rise of Shared Mobility in China

Facing challenges arising from development of shared mobility, car companies need to reduce burden of owning a car by improving convenience, efficiency and transparency of after-sales services, and to offer products that best meet customers’ specific mobility needs that shared mobility is not able to effectively address.

Telematics: The Test for Insurers

Telematics—the wireless technology that delivers safety services, route information, and entertainment to motor vehicles—presents auto insurers with a significant opportunity to create value.

Autonomous Vehicles and New Mobility

How COVID-19 Will Shape Urban Mobility

Here’s what we learned from a survey of urban residents worldwide about their mobility choices during lockdown—and how their attitudes are likely to affect usage over the near and medium terms.




Shifting Gears in Auto Manufacturing - Rectangle

Shifting Gears in Auto Manufacturing

To succeed in a future of electric vehicles, manufacturers must understand and prepare for the profound effects of this transformation on operations and labor requirements.

The Sharing Economy