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Our Latest Thinking on Social Impact

The role of business in society has evolved. Today, a positive societal impact must be a central component of strategy rather than a byproduct of success. Companies are uniquely positioned to tackle global issues, and embracing that responsibility can bring powerful advantages. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership on social impact to learn how the growth of your business can benefit your community—and the world.

Featured Insights

Business and Society

Economic Development

Finally, Tech Solutions to Economic Development

In Kenya, a smartphone app called iCow tracks the health of cattle for thousands of farmers, at times doubling productivity. In this TED talk, Sarah Cairns-Smith discusses how mobile apps are transforming local economies in sub-Saharan Africa.

BCG on Social Impact

Follow BCG on Social Impact on LinkedIn to explore how organizations are advancing the SDGs and how the growth of your business can benefit society.

Humanitarian Response

Strategy - In a Crisis, Companies Are Better Off Working Together

In a Crisis, Companies Are Better Off Working Together

When disaster strikes, companies need to protect their workforce and recover operations quickly. Private-sector networks help companies connect with one another to strengthen their risk preparedness and coordinate a response.

Climate and Environment

Energy & Environment - Flipping the Script on Climate Action

Flipping the Script on Climate Action

As technology advances and the costs of unchecked global warming rise, taking aggressive action against climate change has become a winning economic proposition.

Three Thoughtful Ways to Conserve Water

Nearly one in three people lives in a country facing a water crisis. Lana Mazahreh, who grew up in the water-scarce nation of Jordan, shares three lessons on how to save water and address what’s fast becoming a global crisis.

Social Impact in Nordics

The Advantages of Integrating Denmark

Denmark could add 75 billion DKK to the economy by full integration, with employment as the main value driver. The predicted need for an additional 70,000 workers in 2025 provides Denmark with an opportunity to meet labor market demand by closing the employment gap between immigrants and Danes. Yet current efforts are fragmented and Denmark needs new ways to deliver these results.

Catalyzing Societal Progress

Social Impact is a core part of our work at The Boston Consulting Group and we dedicate significant resources every year to address some of the most complex problems in contemporary society. Both on a global level and in local offices, we work together with our partners across sectors and topics to make the world a better place.

How policies Can Drive Gender Diversity in Denmark

Policymakers must change Denmark’s Societal framework to advance gender diversity. While change is needed on every level and at every stage, policy changes can make the biggest difference when they affect the time period of career progression and family expansion.

Making Change happen

Written by the social impact initiative in BCG Copenhagen. This report gives an insight into the projects and partner organizations, BCG Copenhagen office were engaged in, during 2016.

How Leaders Can Advance Gender Diversity In Denmark

Danish companies must learn which initiatives can help drive gender diversity and how to successfully implement them. They must offer flexible careers and career support, while creating an inclusive culture to tackle unconscious bias. To ensure sustainable results, companies need a rigorous implementation approach.

Green Leadership: A Practical Guide to Winning in the Green Economy

While the “green shift” has been on Norwegian business leaders’ agenda for several years, we are now starting to see real impact. Companies are shifting their approach to sustainability from avoiding negative consequences to building competitive advantages through green efficiency (increased resource efficiency) or green growth (innovation in products or services).

Centre for Public Impact

How are governments transforming lives and achieving positive impact? Find out in our interviews, articles, briefing bulletins, and podcasts from around the world.

Global Health

Sustainable Food Systems

Expert Videos

The Business Benefits of Doing Good

The Business Benefits of Doing Good

Professor Muhammad Yunus on the Power of Social Business

Wendy Kopp on Improving Education Around the World

The Journey Toward a Sustainable World

Improving Global Health Using Private Sector Approaches

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