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As personalized customer experiences become the norm, marketing and sales functions face critical challenges and opportunities. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership on marketing and sales to learn what the future of digital marketing means for your business.

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A Data Driven Approach to Improve Customer Engagement

Engaging modern customers by effectively utilizing data is a key challenge for marketing and digital leaders today. Organizations can address this by building maturity on Data Led Customer Engagement. BCG, in collaboration with Capillary Technologies, has created a comprehensive Stop Hold Purchase (SHoP) framework and maturity assessment toolkit that was administered to over 100 consumer facing companies. This report highlights the key learnings from the exercise and can be leveraged for building advanced customer engagement capabilities at organizations.


The Consumer Sentiment Series Rectangle

The Consumer Sentiment Series

Emerging from the isolation of the past 15 months, US consumers express optimism—some cautiously and others confidently—about resuming their pre-pandemic activities.

Digital Marketing

Responsible Marketing with First-Party Data

Today’s marketers need to demonstrate that their products and services are relevant to consumers. This requires access to first-party data, which depends on earning consumers’ trust.

The Real Cost of Poor Website Quality

Bloated pages, sluggish load times—and worse. Most companies have no clue how much these issues are undermining their digital marketing spend. The solution? Website quality management.


Mastering the Art of Personalization

Personalization is more than a perk—it’s an imperative. Done right, personalization can increase growth rates by 6% to 10%. To achieve these results, brands must orchestrate conversations at an individual level with each customer, in the right channel and at the right time.


The Building Blocks of Personalization

Consumers expect an exceptional multichannel experience in exchange for their personal information. Decluttering the technology stack can help marketing organizations deliver.

B2B Marketing


Moving Beyond ABM to Account-Based Engagement

To win in B2B markets, companies must expand the scope of account-based marketing to cover hundreds, even thousands, of target customers. The challenge with that kind of ABE is getting marketing, sales, and service to work together. Here’s how ABE leaders are succeeding.

Sales and Channels


Building Bionic Capabilities for B2B Marketing

Advanced digital and data competencies—combined with human interaction and engagement—are indispensable to creating and scaling the high-quality B2B buying experiences that customers expect.

How to Price—and Sell—in a Pandemic

How to Price—and Sell—in a Pandemic

Revenues are down and will likely remain so for the rest of the year. But don’t panic. With a systematic day-to-day tactical response, companies can survive the crisis and thrive in the rebound.

Marketing Organization


Marketing Measurement Done Right

Marketers able to accurately track what’s working can expect to see a 20% to 40% improvement in spending efficiency and as much as a 10% increase in effectiveness.

Customer Centricity


Measuring the ROI of Customer Insight

Most consumer companies spend big bucks to learn about their customers, but they don’t understand the return on that investment. Take four actions to fix the problem.

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