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L'industria automobilistica continua la sua rapida evoluzione digitale, con grandi cambiamenti in vista nel panorama della tecnologia della mobilità. I veicoli a guida autonoma e completamente elettrici potrebbero cambiare radicalmente il modo di muoversi delle persone, per cui le case automobilistiche che sfruttano la tecnologia continueranno a guidare il settore. Esplora la recente pubblicazione di BCG sulla leadership nel settore automotive e mobility per tracciare il nuovo percorso della tua azienda.

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An Agile Game Plan for Automakers

An Agile Game Plan for Automakers

In-vehicle connectivity, electrification, autonomous driving, and the shared economy are revolutionizing the automotive industry—but innovation through software is a game changer.

The Electric Car Tipping Point

Automobile powertrains are shifting toward electrification at an accelerating pace. What’s driving the trend, and what powertrains will be required by 2030 for owned and shared mobility?

How Ford Organized for Digital Operations at Scale

Digitization—when done right and at scale—yields impressive results. Discover how manufacturing companies can learn from Ford’s success as Mike Mikula, Ford’s global chief engineer, shares insights with BCG’s Jonathan Van Wyck.

What the Future of Transportation and Mobility Could Be

Automated vehicles, evolving technology, the adoption of electric-powered engines: this is what the future of transportation could look like. Listen in on a six-part series dealing with these possibilities and how soon change could come.

Automotive & Mobility - Where to Profit as Tech Transforms Mobility

Where to Profit as Tech Transforms Mobility

The auto industry shouldn’t be lulled by steady growth. Electric and autonomous cars and ride-sharing will dramatically shift incumbents’ profit pools and empower new competitors.

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