Build Operate Transfer

Build-Operate-Transfer: Own and Accelerate Your Digital Future

Digital transformation is becoming an imperative in every industry. Under the pressure of new entrants and advanced competitors, traditional companies are facing a “transform or die” alternative. Although many companies have taken important steps to start their digital journey, most struggle to achieve significant change quickly and at scale across their organization.

Your company may have already defined a digital vision and roadmap, ran end-to-end pilots that demonstrate the value of digital efforts, and initiated a plan for deploying new digital approaches. But, if your company is like most, you could still be struggling to achieve digital change at scale, at scope, and at speed.

Building Internal Capabilities, So Your Company Can Own Its Future

To help organizations like yours achieve these goals, BCG has developed a unique enablement model: B.O.T., or Build-Operate-Transfer.

At BCG, we believe corporations can succeed by building their own capabilities in order to own and drive their digital transformation thanks to the unique B.O.T. enablement model:

  • Own their talent pools and do not rely on external vendors
  • Own their data and capture intelligence for themselves and across the company
  • Own their decision processes to focus on core priorities
  • Own their IT landscape to extract sources of competitive advantage
  • Own their renewed culture and mindset
  • Own their change management strategy

Choosing this path requires a strong commitment from the company, both in terms of executive engagement as well as upfront investment to attract and train the right talents. It is clearly a bold and demanding move.

Operating to Address Critical Challenges

Through B.O.T., BCG will help your company learn first how to navigate the digital space, so you can take control of your own direction. The approach will help you enhance your operations to: 

  • Follow clear business objectives in a digitally disrupted environment 
  • Acquire digital skills despite a market shortage for talent 
  • Simplify your decision processes and focus on value 
  • Accelerate your time-to-market in delivering apps 
  • Leverage rigid IT systems 
  • Engage your employees in the field in your companywide adoption of digital

Transferring Skills to Prevent Outsourcing Your Future

To assist your company in your digital transformation, BCG brings market-leading expertise in a range of capabilities and in delivering digital projects at a large scale. We are truly committed to help your company build digital capabilities and to transfer those to you when you are ready to move ahead independently. 

As a respected authority in the area of change management, BCG delivers rigorous analysis and precise execution along with our digital experience. Through many client engagements, we have demonstrated our value across multiple industries and around the globe. 

The breadth of BCG’s offering and talent pool positions us to support your company from strategic inception all the way through to implementation. We draw on a network of more than 2,500 experts in digital consulting and on cutting-edge external capabilities as each unique situation demands. Because BCG is not an IT-service provider, we operate with “tech neutrality” and bring no conflicts of interest to the table as we help you evaluate and select technologies.

BCG uses a range of engagement models—from consulting fees to joint ventures—tailoring our approach to the needs of each client. Each one enables us to collaborate with your company to deliver unprecedented value.

What Is Build-Operate-Transfer?

What Is Build-Operate-Transfer?

Build-Operate-Transfer in Action

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Droga firmy Malakoff Médéric's do pełnego wykorzystania danych w branży ubezpieczeń

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Take Control of Your Digital Future

To unlock digital’s full potential, companies—not their vendors—must drive the effort with a balanced focus on three dimensions: people, processes, and technology.

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