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Even as they seek to build competitive advantage for tomorrow, executives must navigate today's inflationary environment. The following insights can help them to be flexible and act decisively despite profound uncertainty.

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Executive Perspectives - Transform for Resilience - Promo
Executive Perspectives

The CEO’s Dilemma: Transform for Resilience

In this edition of BCG's Executive Perspectives, we examine the turbulent forces that are bearing down on business leaders today, so that they can understand where opportunities exist amid the uncertainty.

BCG Investor Perspectives Series | July 2022 | Promo

BCG Investor Perspectives Series

BCG’s latest research finds investors increasingly bearish on the economy and the stock market—and they want businesses to focus on both liquidity and long-term advantage.

The Cost of Everything | Promo

The Cost of Everything

Higher inflation means higher stress and insecurity. Can we lower one without the other? Listen to the American Metamorphosis podcast.

Solving the Paradox of Fair Prices - rectangle.jpg

Solving the Paradox of Fair Prices

Charging different prices is often fairer than charging everyone the same price. Companies should take steps to educate customers and win their support for this approach.

Assessing the Current Risks to the US Economy | Promo

Assessing the Current Risks to the US Economy

Companies should stay flexible, reassessing their outlooks and tactics as events unfold. Nevertheless, there are clear dos and don’ts that all executives should heed amid the uncertainty.

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