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Наши последние наработки по вопросам влияния бизнеса на общество

Роль бизнеса в обществе изменилась. Сегодня позитивное влияние на общество должно быть основной составляющей стратегии, а не побочным результатом успеха. Многие компании обладают всеми необходимыми ресурсами для того, чтобы браться за решение глобальных проблем, и эта ответственность может дать им огромные преимущества. Ознакомьтесь с нашими последними публикациями по вопросам социальных обязательств бизнеса, чтобы узнать, как рост вашей компании может принести пользу обществу и миру в целом.


Business and Society

Responding to COVID-19 at the Largest Microfinance Organization in the US

BCG’s Center for Climate Action

We partner with clients across the public, private, and social sectors to align their strategy, operations, and stakeholder engagement with a low-carbon world. Our work is supported by BCG’s range of consulting experience across all industries and capabilities, as well as by our expanding reach of brands.

Climate and Environment

Climate Should Not Be the Virus’s Next Victim

Climate Should Not Be the Virus’s Next Victim

COVID-19 recovery efforts can contribute to solving two crises at once—if leaders direct recovery-focused investments toward sustainable infrastructure, green jobs, and environmental resilience.

The Green Factory of the Future

The Green Factory of the Future

Manufacturers can implement win-win actions in their production and logistics operations that benefit the environment and create financial value.

Humanitarian Response

Global Health

How Motivation Can Fix Public Systems

BCG’s Abhishek Gopalka takes the TED@BCG stage to share his insight on sparking people's competitive spirit to fix broken public systems.

A Netflix Model Can Make Medical Treatments More Affordable

BCG’s Jean-Manuel Izaret offers a plan to combat the ever-increasing cost of medical care: a subscription-based payment model.

Six Ways to Speed Progress on the Health SDGs

To meet the UN’s health-related Sustainable Development Goals, NGOs and low-income countries will have to do two to four times as much with every dollar that they currently spend.

Win the Fight

Restarting Societies and Economies—Safely

Economic Development

Finally, Tech Solutions to Economic Development

In Kenya, a smartphone app called iCow tracks the health of cattle for thousands of farmers, at times doubling productivity. In this TED talk, Sarah Cairns-Smith discusses how mobile apps are transforming local economies in sub-Saharan Africa.

Sustainable Food Systems

BCG о социальном воздействии бизнеса

Следите за страницей BCG, посвященной социальному воздействию бизнеса, в LinkedIn, чтобы узнать, как организации добиваются выполнения целей устойчивого развития и как рост вашего бизнеса может принести пользу обществу.

Expert Videos

The Business Benefits of Doing Good

The Business Benefits of Doing Good

Как ответственные инвесторы могут стимулировать изменение компаний

How Supply Chain Transparency Can Help the Planet

How Motivation Can Fix Public Systems

A Netflix Model Can Make Medical Treatments More Affordable

Как реструктурировать систему образования без дополнительных финансовых вливаний

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