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随着个性化的客户体验成为常态,营销和销售职能部门面临着严峻的挑战和机遇。探索 BCG 对营销和销售领域的前沿思想洞察,了解未来数字化营销对企业的意义。


How BCG’s Data-Driven Marketing Approach is Driving Growth for Leading Marketers

By taking a data-driven approach, smart marketers can achieve a whole new level of growth, increasing revenue by 10% or more. BCG helps leading marketers to grow by deploying the right data and cutting-edge tools. Notable success stories include Diageo, L’Oreal, and Starbucks. Learn what success looks like for them—and what it might mean for you.

The Digital Marketing Revolution

Classic marketing techniques have no place in the digital age. It’s time to accelerate organizational change.

A Game-Changing Platform for Marketing Decision Making

Catalyst is a platform designed to help marketers allocate their budget over 50 or more brands in 100 countries. Learn how it fills a void in the marketer’s toolkit, and how it can help your company take its ROI to the next level.

Marketing and Sales in China



中国消费力持续坚挺 增速稳中有降






Profiting from Personalization

Brands that create personalized experiences for customers are already seeing rapid revenue increases. The 15% of companies that really get personalization right will capture a disproportionate share of future profits.

Building a Better B2B Demand Center

Building a Better B2B Demand Center

Centralizing demand generation and lead management is a good strategy, but don’t underestimate its potential to transform your go-to-market approach and support capabilities.

Mobile Marketing and the New B2B Buyer

B2B mobile leaders are already building stronger, deeper, and more lasting customer relationships that will make it difficult for laggards to regain lost ground.

Understanding the Evolving Cuban Consumer

A comprehensive BCG survey looks at the purchasing power, brand preferences, and shopping patterns of Cuba’s consumers and foresees a market that will become increasingly attractive.

The Digital Go-to-Market Transformation in B2B and B2C Companies

B2C 和数字化市场进入转型

B2C 和数字化市场进入转型

B2B 和数字化市场进入转型

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