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The rise of digital insurgents and new business models has been transforming the consumer products industry. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership on consumer products to plan your company’s next move.

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Managing Through COVID-19


Advantage Beyond the Crisis

In order to emerge stronger, companies must ensure that their response to COVID-19 is not just immediate but also transformational.

Value Creation and Growth


Riding the M&A Wave in Consumer Goods

Market conditions are favorable for M&A. Expect a lot of deals, and expect most to destroy value—until companies learn how to turn the tide and create value.

Erin Russell on Allergan’s Standalone Startup

Allergan’s Erin Russell draws on the company’s experience launching a new venture to offer some simple advice on engaging consumers: try something new and different.


COVID-19 and the New Leadership Agenda

The COVID-19 outbreak underscores the need to be resilient in the face of transformative global risk.

Winning in Digital

Large Consumer Goods Companies: Leverage Your Data to Stay Nimble

Large consumers goods companies have not been winning in the marketplace. Taylor Smith explains how they can leverage AI and advanced analytics techniques to drive competitive advantage.


Turn the Tide | Unlock the new consumer path to purchase

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented shifts in consumer attitudes and behaviors in India, which are altering the path-to-purchase across categories. 80%+ consumers likely to continue practice social distancing and are bringing the outside inside, 40%+ consumers are dialing up on health and wellness spends, e-commerce adoption has advanced by 2-3 years - to name a few. These aren’t just temporary surges, and many will last longer and become more defining traits.


Retail 4.0: Winning the 20s - Three decades gone by, a new world of possibilities awaits

Organized retail in India has been shaped by three distinct growth waves over the past decades. The first wave was all about a new physical world of retail experience through large format multi-brand stores and exclusive branded stores, the second was triggered by the entry of large players in food retail through hyper and supermarkets, and the third fueled by rise of e-commerce and rise of foreign brands. The report talks about likely trends that could shape the industry in the next 5-10 years, considering multiple dimensions of consumer shifts, supply side innovations, data and technology driven disruptions, new competitive forces and regulations.


Demystifying the Online Food Consumer: An $8 Billion Opportunity

The online food ordering industry in India is expected to be approximately USD 8 BN by 2022. The report outlines the triggers that drive Indians consumers to order food online, the key reasons which make them continue to stay engaged, barriers that prevent consumers from adopting online food ordering as a service, and potential growth opportunities for food tech players. In addition, the report also highlights examples of online food ordering businesses in other parts of the world and explains the different business models they adopted along their evolution journey.

Consumer Packaged Goods


Pure Growth from Natural Products

As the natural-products segment expands and matures, the challenge is to determine where to invest. Our research points to five opportunities for the fastest growth.

For Danone, Doing Good Is Good Business

Danone’s Isabelle Grosmaitre on the food revolution and the crucial role of business in social transformation.


Chinese Consumers and the Digital Economy

China represents one of the biggest retail opportunities in the world. To seize it, companies must understand the digital and economic trends that are driving Chinese consumers.

Supply Chain and IT

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