The Financial Institution Pricing Suite

Catalyst provides financial services companies with the insights and tools they need to assess customer value, understand purchasing patterns, and develop optimized pricing to drive sustainable growth.

What It Can Do for You

The financial institution (FI) pricing suite is a powerful set of applications designed to help your pricing and sales teams make intelligent, data-driven decisions. The easy-to-use tools leverage competitive intelligence and internal data to run powerful price realization diagnostics, build customer segments, determine demand curves and elasticity, set pricing and discount targets, and manage all pricing activities up through sales quotation and lifecycle management.

Corporate Banking Applications


Corporate Banking Lending

Corporate Banking Lending is a tool for real-time loan pricing and discounting management.

  • Helps bankers price loans in real time based on hundreds of inputs—departing from "cost plus" return on capital hurdles and "gut feel" discounts
  • Enables tracking and governance of discounts


Transaction Banking Pricing

Transaction Banking Pricing creates transparency on price leakage, allowing users to identify opportunities for repricing

  • Offers big data-driven customer segmentation, and quantification of price disparity and leakage drivers
  • Provides estimates of revenue upside, and targeted suggestions for repricing

Retail Banking Applications


Market Predictor

Market Predictor is a tool to predict future market shares of propositions, allowing users to optimize product and pricing

  • Based on conjoint surveys and customer pathways
  • Estimates impact on revenue and profitability


Savings Account Pricing

Savings Account Pricing is a tool to determine pricing changes for savings products

  • Based on demand curves, historical response patterns, competitive prices, and market shares
  • Assesses the impact of potential price changes on sales volume and profit, allowing users to determine the optimal price in a given competitive context


Mortgage Pricing

Mortgage Pricing is a tool for optimizing mortgage prices in markets with fixed (non-negotiated) rates

  • Based on demand curves, competitive prices, and volumes
  • Provides recommendations for price points across the grid, for both front- and back-book, to maximize revenue or profit


Consumer & Mortgage Loans

Consumer & Mortgage Loans is a sales support tool for relationship managers in markets with negotiated rates

  • Sets individual discounts based on client potential, relationship, and sensitivity
  • Determines market accepted price levels based on big data regression analysis


  • Integrated yet Modular. The applications can work together or independently.
  • Analytics-Driven. This suite performs advanced analytics on your company's data.
  • Flexible. The tools easily adapt to different markets and to your specific needs.
  • Easy to Use. The simple, adjustable interfaces of the applications integrate into the daily routine of your marketing, sales, and finance functions.
  • Builds on BCG's FI Pricing Methodology. The easily tailored tools fit into your larger pricing program.
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