Leadership Podcast Series by BCG in India

The Leadership Podcast Series by BCG in India is a conversation with some of India’s finest minds in the world of business seeking their views on ideas, challenges and opportunities that keep them up, busy and excited.

It travels deep into the minds of leaders and into their leadership conundrums to tell us stories unheard, including some in the context of a new India that’s more integrated with the global economy today than ever before in its independent history.

The podcast seeks to answer the emerging fundamental question of our times. How do leaders lead with purpose, integrity and empathy in a world that’s more sensitive and where businesses and corporations are increasingly under scrutiny on these very same issues.

The Leadership Podcast Series by BCG in India is also an examination of what it means to be a transformational leader or, as a BCG report on global leadership argues, ‘why the world needs generative leaders’, individuals who are able to reimagine and reinvent their businesses to serve all stakeholders, who inspire and enrich the human experience and, finally, innovative leaders who can nurture a culture of deep ownership, respect, integrity and high performance.

Business leaders have always known that their biggest challenge is how well they are able to embrace change and disruption, which are likely to be constant bedfellows to global business in our post-pandemic world. This podcast series tries to find answers to questions that concerns businesses and leaders—from macro-economic and geopolitical uncertainty, digital disruptors, climate change, the emerging war between traditional business skills and climate-empathetic talent, the rise of artificial intelligence, and mounting pressure on the need for diversity and inclusion.

Hosted by business and industry leaders, the podcast will keep listeners in thrall with cerebral thinking and new ideas from our finest at the helm. Do tune in!

Episode 1: Is Consumption Spending the Strongest Edifice of the India Growth Story?

Abheek Singhi, Senior Partner and Managing Director, holds forth on several key themes related to India's rise as one of the world's fastest growing consumer markets. Abheek has led the Consumer and Retail practice in Asia-Pacific and is a BCG Fellow where he examines how technology can provide leapfrog opportunities in emerging markets. With nearly 25 years of experience with clients in emerging markets such as India, China, Southeast Asia and the Middle East as well as with clients in the US and Canada, he has also coauthored the bestselling BCG book, The $10 Trillion Prize (published by the Harvard Business Review Press). In this episode, Abheek discusses how the consumer is the prime mover of the Indian economy and much more.

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Leadership Podcast Series by BCG in India