AI Activators

The competitive landscape is changing rapidly through the explosion of data, pervasive digitization, and new technologies. Yet most companies struggle to capture the opportunities presented by this change.

Many fail to unlock the value of big data and advanced analytics, whether it be because the possibilities are not understood; innovation culture is difficult to institute; technology takes priority over business; talent supply is limited; or old ways of working are reaching their limit.

Advances in data science have enabled the mass collection and analysis of disparate data sets, but capturing the value in data requires full-scale business transformation. Analytics and tech excellence alone are not enough—you need to make sure analytics and work processes are redesigned together to maximize effective cooperation between humans and machines.

BCG’s Analytic Activators program puts data to work in real business solutions that go beyond the descriptive to the predictive and prescriptive. Together with the client, we combine advanced analytics, technology, and business transformation capabilities to unlock the true value of data. Using data analytics to rapidly deliver business value through custom end-to-end solutions, these pilots are live in as little as six months and have a major P&L impact in as little as 12 months. 

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