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Total Societal Impact

What Happens after We Develop a COVID-19 Vaccine?

BCG Managing Director & Partner Johanna Benesty looks at barriers to "equitable access"—making sure COVID-19 therapeutics are available to all—while sharing a creative approach to vaccine research and development.

How Motivation Can Fix Public Systems

BCG's Abhishek Gopalka takes the TED@BCG stage to share his insight on sparking people's competitive spirit to fix broken-public systems.

How Conscious Investors Can Turn up the Heat and Make Companies Change

Vinay Shandal explains how conscious investors can change their approaches to create more value. He argues that, when done right, conscious investing can solve contemporary issues and help companies improve our society.

How Carbon Capture Networks Could Help Curb Climate Change

Can we create a global waste disposal service for carbon? BCG Managing Director & Partner Bas Sudmeijer proposes building networks to trap CO2 emissions deep in the earth, giving us a shot at stalling climate change.

How to Lead

Five Ways to Lead in an Era of Constant Change

Who says change needs to be hard? Organizational change expert Jim Hemerling thinks adapting your business in today's constantly evolving world can be invigorating instead of exhausting. He outlines five imperatives, centered on putting people first, for turning company reorganization into an empowering, energizing task for all.

A Guide to Collaborative Leadership

What is the difference between a hero and a leader? Lorna Davis explores how idolizing heroes holds us back from solving big problems—and why "radical interdependence" is necessary for real change.

Management Lessons from Chinese Business and Philosophy

Fang Ruan shares that business management in China is changing and Chinese entrepreneurs are exploring the Taoist philosophy for a new leadership style.

Confessions of a Recovering Micromanager

Chieh Huang explores the balance between micromanagement and autonomy. One stifles creativity and the other introduces risk. He suggests one basic solution.

Our Evolving World of Work

As Work Gets More Complex, Six Rules to Simplify

Why do people feel so miserable and disengaged at work? Because today's businesses are increasingly and dizzyingly complex—and traditional pillars of management are obsolete, says Yves Morieux. So, he says, it falls to individual employees to navigate the rabbit warren of interdependencies. In this energetic talk, Yves offers six rules for "smart simplicity." (Rule One: Understand what your colleagues actually do.)

What Are You Willing to Give Up to Change the Way We Work?

According to BCG’s Martin Danoesastro, successfully changing the workplace takes employees adopting new strategies and leaving old philosophies behind.

Reigniting Creativity in Business

It’s a paradox: creativity has never been more essential to competitiveness in the business world, but the critical approach to practical creativity in organizations is often lacking. Alan Iny offers a key to the well-meaning exhortation to “think outside the box”: apply doubt to the very models and philosophies that make up the box itself.

How a Strong Creative Industry Helps Economies Thrive

While often overlooked, the creative sector has the power to grow economies while also safeguarding democracy. Filmmaker Mehret Mandefro shares a behind-the-scenes look at how she's putting culture back on the economic agenda in Ethiopia.

The Power of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

How to Reduce the Wealth Gap between Black and White Americans

White families in the United States have a median wealth nearly 10 times greater than that of Black families. BCG Managing Director & Partner Kedra Newsom explores this racial wealth inequality, and outlines how financial institutions can support Black Americans.

Why Gender-Based Marketing Is Bad for Business

BCG's Gaby Barrios explains that to build better brands, companies must look beyond gender-based marketing.

Three Lessons on Success from an Arab Businesswoman

Professional Arab women juggle more responsibilities than their male counterparts, and they face more cultural rigidity than Western women. What can their success teach us about tenacity, competition, priorities, and progress? Tracing her career as an engineer, advocate, and mother in Abu Dhabi, Leila Hoteit shares three lessons for thriving in the modern world.

The Role of Business in Nurturing Long-Term Diversity and Inclusion

Starbucks COO Rosalind G. Brewer invites leaders to rethink what it takes to create a truly inclusive workplace—and lays out how to bring real, grassroots change to boardrooms & communities.

The Digital Future

How Humans and AI Can Work Together to Create Better Businesses

Companies are increasingly using artificial intelligence to make critical decisions, but are they inadvertently making themselves less efficient? Business technologist Sylvain Duranton advocates for implementing AI systems alongside human judgement.

Why You Should Treat the Tech You Use at Work Like a Colleague

A company hires a bright new employee on a multimillion-dollar contract. She sets up time to meet her new team members, but most of her appointments are postponed or ignored. This employee is technology, and it's a scenario playing out in companies around the globe says Nadjia Yousif.

How Online Marketplaces Can Help Local Economies, Not Hurt Them

Amane Dannouni demonstrates how online marketplaces can make strategic trade-offs to include, rather than replace, existing players in local economies -- benefiting everyone in the long run.

The Promise of Quantum Computers

What if microparticles could help us solve the world's biggest problems in a matter of minutes? Matt Langione, a principal at BCG, shares why industries should prepare now for the new leap in quantum computing.

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