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Local Leadership

  • Leads BCG’s Budapest office
  • Financial services strategies and transformations in CEE/SEE
  • Corporate transformation and turnaround programs
  • Performance-improvement initiatives
  • Leads BCG's power markets and regulation topic
  • Gas pricing and transportation; storage tariffs
  • Deregulation strategy for gas and power
  • Chemical companies
Nimrod Pais

Partner & Managing Director


  • Credit risk management in CEE banking
  • Banking strategies in the CEE/SEE
  • Transformation and turnaround
  • Project management office (PMO)
Melanie Seier Larsen

Partner & Managing Director


  • Consumer goods
  • People and organization
  • Large-scale transformation and restructuring
  • Productivity improvement
  • Large-scale restructuring
  • Organizational efficiency
  • Corporate governance
  • Strategic IT
Ádám Kotsis

Expert Principal


  • Leadership and talent
  • Organizational design
  • Culture
  • Change management
  • Postmerger integration (PMI)
  • Banking operations and IT systems
  • System integration and data migration
  • IT assessment and target operating model design
Balázs Kotnyek



  • Energy networks and regulation
  • Strategy and business development
  • Energy market design
  • Regulatory management
  • Power and gas network and infrastructure
  • Power generation
  • Strategy
  • Regulation

Executive Committee

  • Health care industry, with particular experience in the biopharma sector
  • Digital innovation
  • Large-scale transformation and productivity improvement
  • Value management
  • Leads BCG's offices in Asia-Pacific
  • Telecommunications and IT
  • Media
  • Corporate banks, public sector banks, and private banks
  • Operational transformation and turnaround
  • Large-scale transformation in the public sector
  • Turnaround management, large-scale change
  • Regional development
  • Digital value creation
  • Large-scale transformation
  • Organizational design
  • Corporate portfolio strategy
  • Corporate development, portfolio, strategy, vision, and objectives
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Joint venture and alliances
  • Corporate transactions
  • Growth strategy
  • Go-to-market (GTM)
  • Consumer insight in rapidly developing economies (RDEs)
  • Health care in Asia
  • Large-scale transformation
  • Organization design and leadership effectiveness
  • Human capital strategy and processes
  • Shared services and IT effectiveness
  • Leads BCG’s Technology Advantage practice in Asia-Pacific
  • Transformation
  • Strategy
  • Digital and technology
  • Large-scale transformation
  • Organizational design and effectiveness
  • Leadership development
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Managing partner leading BCG in the UK and Ireland
  • Organization redesign
  • Pricing
  • Cost reduction programs
  • End-to-end technology transformation
  • IT strategy, transformation, sourcing, and organization
  • Technology in financial institutions
  • Technology in operational transformation
  • Cross-border corporate, M&A, and IP-related transactions
  • Corporate governance
  • Legal risk management
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Large-scale transformation
  • Post-merger integration
  • Health care and biopharma
  • Medical technologies and devices, including imaging equipment
Pattabi Seshadri

Senior Partner & Managing Director


  • Power and utilities
  • Strategic due diligence and merger integrations for energy companies
  • Restructuring and spin-off implementations
  • Entry strategies into international markets
  • Finance organizational design
  • Treasury
  • Taxation
  • Compensation design
  • Insurance disruptions and pricing
  • Digital insurers
  • Commercial insurance and reinsurance
  • Strategy portfolio and planning process
  • Transformation and large-scale change
  • Business builds
  • Labor productivity programs
  • Organization design
  • AI at scale and analytics strategy
  • Digital strategy and digital innovation
  • Store transformation program
  • Concept/format development


Hans-Paul Bürkner



  • Strategy
  • Organization
  • Corporate development
  • Globalization

Practice Area Leaders

  • Leads BCG's Financial Institutions practice globally
  • Chairs BCG Centre for Canada's Future
  • Insurance, retail and corporate banking
  • Asset management and wealth management
  • Leads BCG's global Public Sector practice
  • Economic development
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Leads BCG's Technology Advantage practice
  • Big data & analytics in health care
  • Digital marketing and commercial model innovation
  • Research & development (regulatory, clinical, innovation)
  • Leads BCG's Industrial Goods practice
  • Digital transformation
  • Large-scale optimization
  • Health care, focusing on biopharma
  • Health care payers, providers, medtech, and foundations
  • Corporate and divisional strategy development
  • Analytics strategy for business acceleration
  • Corporate vision, strategy, value-based planning, and operating models for telecom, media, and technology companies
  • Operational topics such as sales force effectiveness, productivity, and lean
  • Leadership and talent
  • Digital strategies and impact on productivity and growth
  • Lean advantage
  • Profit improvement
  • Large-scale program management
  • Turnaround
  • Leads BCG's Principal Investors & Private Equity practice
  • Fund-strategy and operations
  • Large-scale transformation and profitability acceleration
  • M&A/due diligence support
  • Pricing, revenue management, and trade and promotion
  • Digital and large-scale transformation
  • Marketing and digital
  • Sales and go-to-market capabilities
  • Leads BCG's Corporate Finance & Strategy practice
  • Technology, telecommunications and media
  • Turnaround program design and implementation
  • Transformation
  • Leads BCG's Global Advantage practice globally
  • Globalization strategy for multinational companies and global challengers
  • Localization of the value chain, including R&D, sourcing, and manufacturing
  • Joint-venture strategy in emerging markets
  • Organizational transformation
  • Operating-model redesign
  • Merger integration
  • Organization and governance for digital
  • End-to-end technology transformation
  • IT strategy, transformation, sourcing, and organization
  • Technology in financial institutions
  • Technology in operational transformation
  • Leads BCG's Consumer practice globally
  • Leads BCG’s Demand Centric Growth work globally
  • Leads BCG's work for sporting organizations
  • Global and business unit strategy in consumer goods
  • Innovation in consumer goods
  • Portfolio strategy and M&A
  • Production operations improvement
  • Supply and trading
  • Organization design
  • Insurance disruptions and pricing
  • Digital insurers
  • Commercial insurance and reinsurance
  • Strategy portfolio and planning process
  • Social impact
  • Cross-sector partnerships and strategies
  • Humanitarian response
  • Global public health