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The Emergence of Pricing as a Core Capability

Pricing is a powerful lever for driving profits, and yet enormous disparities exist across companies when it comes to pricing capabilities. What's clear is that companies that seek new ways to enhance their pricing practices realize greater revenue growth and advantage. It all starts with deep insight and a broad perspective.

Know the Game

You can’t play the game unless you know the rules, but—when it comes to pricing—the rules you are following might be wrong. Here are four common pricing myths.

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Explore Pricing Strategy Optimization Through Four Online Courses

Business professionals looking to advance their knowledge of pricing—or earn a specialization certificate in pricing strategy—can complete four online courses developed by BCG in partnership with the University of Virginia Darden School of Business and Coursera.

Impressions from the BCG Pricing Roundtable

How can companies use pricing to sustainably improve their results? This question was the focus of discussions at the BCG Pricing Roundtable 2018 in Munich.

The Three Lenses of Pricing

What factors should you consider when setting prices? Our pricing lenses can save you from leaving money on the table.

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Pricing Insight from The Netherlands

Transformed by the Power of Pricing: A Journey of Enablement and Growth

Meet Composite Company, an amalgamation based on real companies and business situations, and follow its progress through seven steps of a successful self-financing pricing enablement journey.

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