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I mercati che guidano l'economia globale sono stati ridefiniti dalla crescita del consumo digitale. Leggi la recente pubblicazione di BCG sulla leadership sui mercati globali per avere importanti informazioni sull'impatto della geopolitica e degli scambi commerciali sulle aziende di tutto il mondo, e per comprendere le tendenze di sviluppo nei mercati emergenti.


Lead Your Business Through the Coronavirus Crisis

Lead Your Business Through the Coronavirus Crisis

COVID-19 is shaping up to be transformative to public health and the economy. On hbr.org, Martin Reeves, chairman of the BCG Henderson Institute, and colleagues explain why resilience continues to be the best answer to uncertainty.

Fighting Covid-19 in Africa Will Be Different

Fighting COVID-19 in Africa Will Be Different

The impact of COVID-19 in Africa may be mitigated by the youthful population—but a constrained health system and high incidence of other health conditions will intensify the challenge.

Geopolitics and Trade Impact

Global Trade Goes Digital

Global Trade Goes Digital

As digital transforms both the how and the what of global trade, companies must understand their own context, marry their digital and global agendas, and help shape policy that is economically sensible and politically robust.

BCG on International Business and Globalization

Globalization presents unparalleled opportunities for international business, but the threat of disruption looms large.

Expert Videos

How Digital Ecosystems Create Value, and How They'll Change in the Future

How Digital Ecosystems Create Value, and How They'll Change in the Future

Digital Consumers in Emerging Markets: The $4 Trillion Opportunity

The Expansion of Southeast Asia's Mass Affluents

Why Partnerships, Joint Ventures, and Alliances Fail

Successfully Exiting a Joint Venture

La globalizzazione non è in declino, si sta solo trasformando

Pioneering One Africa

Why Local Dynamos Are Winning in Emerging Markets

How Digital is Changing the Game in ASEAN

Finding a New Normal for Global Trade

How Global Companies Can Transform to Optimize for Growth

The Evolution of Collaboration

Regional and Industry-Specific Insights

Global Growth Hot Spots

Multinational companies need a new approach for identifying global growth opportunities in this new phase of globalization. Consider the opportunities within a market, rather than the market’s economy overall.

Explore the global hot spots

Customer Insights

The New Globalization: A Collection

Globalization is in the midst of a profound change. Companies must dispel the myths of globalization (as we’ve come to know it) and understand the new realities.

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