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The rise of digital consumers, shifting geopolitics, and trade uncertainty have redefined the markets driving the global economy. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership on international business for key insights into the forces affecting global business—and for perspectives on developments in emerging markets.

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Global Business Priorities

Green Steel, Greener Mining? - rectangle

Greener Steel, Greener Mining?

By helping steelmakers curb their greenhouse gas emissions, iron ore miners can advance their own decarbonization efforts.

Geopolitics and Trade Impact

Global Capital Flows in the Postpandemic World

The pandemic has amplified trends that were already underway, but it is also driving radical changes in consumer behavior and other areas that will affect investments in industries.

Beyond Great BCG Book

Beyond Great

How to build sustainable business advantage in a world where great is no longer good enough.


Regional and Industry-Specific Insights

Global Growth Hot Spots

Multinational companies need a new approach for identifying global growth opportunities in this new phase of globalization. Consider the opportunities within a market, rather than the market’s economy overall.

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Customer Insights

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The New Globalization: A Collection

Globalization is in the midst of a profound change. Companies must dispel the myths of globalization (as we’ve come to know it) and understand the new realities.

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