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The rise of digital consumers, shifting geopolitics, and trade uncertainty have redefined the markets driving the global economy. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership on international business for key insights into the forces affecting global business—and for perspectives on developments in emerging markets.

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The Future of Traditional Retail in Africa - rectangle

The Future of Traditional Retail in Africa

Millions of small, independent shops are the cornerstones of African commerce. Now they’re diversifying, digitizing, and partnering with modern retailers to reach the next level.

Greener Steel, Greener Mining?

By helping steelmakers curb their greenhouse gas emissions, iron ore miners can advance their own decarbonization efforts.

Geopolitics and Trade Impact

Global Capital Flows in the Postpandemic World

The pandemic has amplified trends that were already underway, but it is also driving radical changes in consumer behavior and other areas that will affect investments in industries.

BCG Executive Perspectives: War in Ukraine

This special edition of the BCG Executive Perspectives series assesses the economic impact of the war in Ukraine and the implications it bears for companies and governments.

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