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TED@BCG Talk Collection

Our TED gallery is rife with rich ideas for leaders to improve their organizations and our world. Peruse past titles and learn more about the topics that energize you.

TED@BCG Paris—2016

Seema Bansal

How to Fix a Broken Education System—Without Any More Money

Dr. Leila Hoteit

Three Lessons on Success from an Arab Businesswoman

Lars Fæste

An Imperative to Transform

Laura Fox

Don't Shy Away from Ignorance: Use It to Better Yourself

Naufal Mukumi

The Dark and Delicate Rumble of Russian Piano Music


Who Says You Can't Play the Piano with Your Foot?

Mike Schwartz

The Potential of Blockchain

Sandra Rey

Pollution-Free Lights, Powered by Microbes

Lisa Dyson

A Forgotten Space Age Technology Could Change How We Grow Food

Min Zhu

Interconnectivity: The New Structure of the World Economy

Shubhendu Sharma

How to Grow a Forest in Your Backyard

Blaise Agüera y Arcas

How Computers Are Learning to Be Creative

Martin Reeves

How to Build a Business That Lasts 100 Years

Olivier Scalabre

The Next Manufacturing Revolution Is Here

Neha Narula

The Future of Money

Dr. Sebastian Kraves

The Era of Personal DNA Testing Is Here

Oded Shoseyov

How We're Harnessing Nature's Hidden Superpowers

Jim Hemerling

Five Ways to Lead in an Era of Constant Change

TED@BCG London—2015

Vikram Bhalla

Family Businesses Are Here to Stay and Thrive

Emma Bridgewater

How an Entrepreneurial Potter Helped Save Beauty in a Dying City

Samuel Cohen

Alzheimer's Is Not Normal Aging—and We Can Cure It

Knut Haanaes

To Perfect or to Explore?

Diana Dosik

Why We Need to Treat Our Employees as Thoughtfully as Our Customers

Joachim Horn

A Solution for Building a Generation of Inventors

Philip Krinks

Finding Your Personal Mission in Life

Markus Lorenz

Industry 4.0: How Intelligent Machines Will Transform Everything We Know

Douglas Beal

An Alternative to GDP That Encompasses Our Well-Being

Luc de Brabandere

Reinventing Creative Thinking

Mathieu Lamiaux

Imagining a New Future for Health Systems in Africa

Patty McCord

Lessons from a Silicon Valley Maverick: New Ways of Working and Collaborating

Yves Morieux

How Too Many Rules at Work Keep You from Getting Things Done

Shalini Unnikrishnan

We Need to Turn Our Response to Crisis Inside Out

Sarah Willersdorf

What Brands Can Learn From Online Dating

Sandrine Thuret

You Can Grow New Brain Cells. Here's How.