How to Fix Broken Supply Chains

In the face of disruptions, from natural disasters to pandemics, how do we make sure supply chains can keep up? Dustin Burke, BCG managing director and partner, offers a combination of solutions to help create a more resilient, efficient tomorrow.

How Biochar Removes CO2 from the Air—and Helps Farmers Thrive

Biochar, a charcoal that removes CO2 from the atmosphere, is an exciting new climate change fighter. Axel Reinaud, co-founder & CEO of NetZero and BCG alum, outlines three ways to make this material more accessible to farmers—so that our food system, energy grid, and climate can all reap the rewards.

A More Accurate Way to Calculate Emissions

Artificial intelligence has become a powerful tool in the quest toward carbon neutrality. Charlotte Degot, a BCG & BCG GAMMA managing director and partner, explains how AI makes it possible for corporations to set meaningful climate targets, track progress, and reduce pollution.


我们能建立一个全球性的二氧化碳排放处理服务吗?BCG董事总经理,全球合伙人Bas Sudmeijer提议建立组织网络,捕捉二氧化碳排放并将其深埋在地下,给我们一个阻止气候变化的机会。


The Value of Kindness at Work

Kindness can go a long way when it comes to reshaping a business. James Rhee, former CEO of Ashley Stewart, shares the value of investing in a culture of compassion, demonstrating why we should all lead with our hearts.


谁说改变一定是艰难的?组织变革专家Jim Hemerling认为,让企业适应当今这个不断变化的世界可以是一件朝气勃勃的事情,而非疲惫不堪。他概括了五项要务,“以人为本”是核心,目的是将企业重组转变为一项赋予所有员工权力和活力的事业。


英雄和领导者的区别是什么?Lorna Davis分析了英雄崇拜主义如何阻碍我们解决重大问题,以及为什么“激进的相互依赖”对于真正的改变是必要的。

Management Lessons from Chinese Business and Philosophy

Fang Ruan shares that business management in China is changing and Chinese entrepreneurs are exploring the Taoist philosophy for a new leadership style.


What Makes a Job “Good”—and the Case for Investing in People

In this perspective-shifting talk, social impact investor Warren Valdmanis explores the essential ingredients of a "good" job—and shares why they are key to building great companies.

Three Tips for Leaders to Get the Future of Work Right

With the cultural shift sparked by the pandemic, BCG managing director & senior partner Debbie Lovich gives three essential tips so leaders can reinforce autonomy, let go of rigid corporate bureaucracy, and reshape work to better fit the lives of all employees.


为什么人们在工作中感到如此痛苦,无法投入?Yves Morieux说,因为今天的企业越来越复杂,传统的管理支柱已经过时了。因此,应对复杂情况的责任落在了员工个人身上。在这个充满活力的演讲中,Yves提出了六条“智能简化”规则(规则一:了解你的同事到底在做什么)。

Reigniting Creativity in Business

It’s a paradox: creativity has never been more essential to competitiveness in the business world, but the critical approach to practical creativity in organizations is often lacking. Alan Iny offers a key to the well-meaning exhortation to “think outside the box”: apply doubt to the very models and philosophies that make up the box itself.


A Program to Empower Black Teachers in the US

Black men currently make up less than three percent of all teachers in the United States. Using a holistic, people centered approach to provide pathways to careers in education, Larry Irvin, TED Fellow & CEO of Brothers Empowered to Teach, envisions a world where every child can see themselves reflected in their teachers.


美国白人家庭平均持有的财富几乎是黑人家庭的10倍。BCG董事总经理,全球合伙人Kedra Newsom深入探究种族财富不平等的问题,并就金融机构如何支持美国黑人群体建言献策。


BCG的Gaby Barrios阐释了企业必须跳出以性别为导向的营销,才能打造出更好的品牌。


职业阿拉伯女性要比男性承担更多的责任,她们也要比西方女性面对更多的文化僵化。她们的成功引发了我们对坚韧、竞争、优先次序和进步的思考。Leila Hoteit是阿布扎比的一名工程师、倡导者和母亲,她分享了在现代世界取得成功的三个感悟。

The Digital Future

7 Tools for Building a Business People Trust

BCG managing director & senior partner Marcos Aguiar offers advice to help leaders run their business ecosystems on a foundation of trust--the key to achieving long-term success.

How Humans and AI Can Work Together to Create Better Businesses

Companies are increasingly using artificial intelligence to make critical decisions, but are they inadvertently making themselves less efficient? Business technologist Sylvain Duranton advocates for implementing AI systems alongside human judgement.

Why You Should Treat the Tech You Use at Work Like a Colleague

A company hires a bright new employee on a multimillion-dollar contract. She sets up time to meet her new team members, but most of her appointments are postponed or ignored. This employee is technology, and it's a scenario playing out in companies around the globe says Nadjia Yousif.

The Promise of Quantum Computers

What if microparticles could help us solve the world's biggest problems in a matter of minutes? Matt Langione, a partner at BCG, shares why industries should prepare now for the new leap in quantum computing.


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